Through his eyes, he has seen me free. This is the blog he would have me write.

His name is Odysseus.

89 thoughts on “• ABOUT US •

  1. I wonder what my roommate’s five cats would blog about? Who knows? I know one of them would complain about me sitting in his (my) chair. Another might complain about being at the bottom of the cat pecking order. Their concerns would be simpler than mine. That is my opinion. They might say something else.

  2. The blog ‘aftermath’, with accompanying photos, was one of the most moving pieces I have seen. I took the liberty of pining your top (opening) photo into Pinterest. The idea was to gently lure others into a world that while past, looks suspiciously like a possible future. Thank you for your work. I’ll be watching, and reading.

    • Many thank yous for your thoughts and support, and for sharing this so that more people might see it. There is hope that wisdom and caring will overshadow destruction and suffering.

    • aww shucks!!! im so flattered. thank you. im getting to work right now on my inspirational blog award post!!
      again thank you. its nice to have a fellow art lover to blog and share with.
      love odie, and odie mama.

  3. Odysseus, thanks for blogging! It’s an interesting journey that you both invite us to join. I’ll take my cat on this journey with me. I wonder what he might say about that. On a side note I think he is more of a fluffy homebody and not as adventurous as Odysseus.

    • thank you both! your cat is quite the handsome adventurer and just as much an explorere as odysseus. glad you two could come along for the journey!
      if your cat has any additional comments feel free to post them…

  4. Hey! Such a great blog. Definitely dug ‘the future is now’ and thinking we are owed the world promised to us in those celluloid dreams. Thanks for the pics and the words, and also for the napkin art!

    • my thank you for your thoughtful nomination is coming many months late, forgive us. we often only have time to blog and i wish we spent more time thanking out visitors for their valuable feedback and we should also spend time visiting great blogs like yours.
      so with that we say thank you now. and thank you for visiting and sharing in the past and hopefully in the future.
      love o and om

    • thanks blue! we love getting awards but have been slow about writing the necessary requirements for them. im thinking ill do a collective awards blog that answers the 7 questions about odysseus (and i) and nominate our fave 15 blogs for different/most appropriate awards. i hope that works!

  5. Merhaba Odie & Odie Mama! I’ve nominated you for a much deserved award so pop on over to my blog for details. Don’t worry if you are unable to fit it in as I won’t be offended – just enjoy the moment

  6. More Meows and Purrs to you, Eyes of Odysseus . . . . for keeping your owner and companion sane and loving. Three kisses from SoundEagle to you: one on your forehead, another on your tummy, and the third on your big heart. . . . .

    By the way, SoundEagle is an online friend of Mr Clint Dunham. We have interacted a lot on each other’s blogs.

    A very happy weekend to you!

  7. I’m sure you know this… In Ancient Egypt cats were worshiped as Gods. Cats have never forgotten this :). Odysseus is beautiful, and meant to be adored.

    • odie loves when im reminded of what smart people like yourself know!! he loves to be worshipped, and tickled on his belly every once in a while. thank you for visiting our blog and we look forward to having your visit in the future :) anyone who knows as much as you do about cats has an open door!!

    • hi frosty!!
      thank you for the nomination. we are incredibly thankful that an awesome blogger like yourself found our blog to your liking. we look forward to reading you blog in the coming days… ill make sure odies sitting on my lap in full view of the computer screen as i do. he loves incredible blogs , like yours, just as much as i do.
      congrats on your nomination. your blog is truly inspiring!!

    • thank you margo!!
      congrats on your awards and thank you for nominating us. I will fill out my getting to know you tomorrow when i have a little more time.
      in the meanwhile, thanks again and we look forward to reading your awesome blog!! congrats!!!!

    • odie hasnt been outside. hes not leash trained and i dont want to poison him with flea treatment. im considering giving him a light tshirt/jumpsuit with the appropriate holes cut out for his business and a harness that won’t drive him loco. do either exist in the matrix?
      a mom can dream, cant she?
      om and and unsuspecting o

      • I haven’t got a clue what they have these das for cats ! But perhaps you can make something yourself ? Besides, Odie has no fur so I would thin fleas are not interested in her and teeks you can easily see and remove. Isn’t there a cat forum in the net where you can ask others about their experiences ? I think Odie would love to go outside !

  8. dearsest gwen! dont encourage our odie too much. truth be told he jumps as the smallest strange sound and chills at the slightest breeze. i will keep your idea in mind though.. i promise.. but we must ensure his confident happiness at all times. even in this house he calls his kingdom :)

    • Hi dinnerbank! We love that y ou love hairless cats and were able to bring more of them into the world. Still such a rare breed that people shy away from-for th3 silliest reasons. We dont have fur, well most of us, so why should other family members/cats? also, i def believe that once a sphynx owner, always a sphynx owner. Which begs the question.. when will you have another join your family? … see you on your blog in the meanwhile.
      Hugs, o and om

      • Odysseus, once a Sphynx enter once home you are hopless owned by the Sphynxs for ever. There is no other creacher in this world that has your great personality. I miss to be owned by a Sphynx every single day. first thing after getting a bigger flat is to be owned once again by your friends. <3

  9. oh my star’s…I can’t breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That gorgeous creature of wisdom and beauty has stunned me off my moonbeam! LOVE at first sight!…I need to look into those eye’s via photo’s as often as possible!..What a fab blog. Pushing follow now……..


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