Quodies: happy pawing – no declawing

Dearest Odyssians,


Happy cats love having all of their fingers and toes. Happy cats love being loved more than furniture and rugs. Happy cats know that smart owners can protect furniture with blankets until ‘company’  visits. Happy cats know that they can have their nails trimmed every two weeks to keep scratch damage down.  Happy cats love that there are so many preferable options to declawing.  Happy cats want to have their paws remain healthy and whole so they can remain healthy and whole. Happy cats know that declawing has been banned in many progressive countries, including parts of the United States. Happy cats thank you for reading this post.

For more information on the truth about what declawing does to cats please watch this incredible documentary,  available via Netflix and other streaming services.



Two whole paws and two whole legs up for your support.

Odie the hairless blogging sphynx.

and his mom, odie mama.