Beautiful Blue Moons 🌚

Dearest Odyssians,
It’s blue moon time again. Blue moons only come once every three years (approximately). Our last visit was in 2012. Our next isn’t until 2018! Enjoy tonight’s moon in all its rarity,  and these amazing pics I found of full moons shining in all their blue glory.







Click the link below to visit an awesome website that has artwork, charts, etc.., and also explains the blue moon phenomenon in wonderfully detail:

Hugs to all of my bloggers under the same beautiful blue moon light

:) ♡
O and om 🐱

Amazing Rainbow Fractal Art

Dearest Odyssians,

rainbow alien bird by Tracy2020: swinck

rainbow fractal by Wolfpaw/peggi
to see more art by wolfepaw visit this link:

rainbow-fractals-psychedelic by Aya Awakenings

rainbow fractal circles at

Trippy rainbow fractal by dhwallhd

to see more Wolfepaw art visit

multicolor-rainbows-spiral-fractal by HDscreen

rainbows are amazing. especially as fractals.

For more information about Rainbows please visit this wiki site that discusses rainbows in mythology:

scroll over the art to see the artist credit. I have included link to the artist’s work where possible.


o and om.