reality & life strike again: our hermits emerge a season too soon

dearest odyssians,

some how weve drifted into the land of the lonely. weve shed our hermits cloak and emerged from our below ground sanctuary only to find ourselves standing alone in a large empty field of endless grass. a setting sun lilts on the horizon. no funnel cloud as you see in the picture. just a perfect, windless calm. its beautiful. all of it. entirely achingly beautiful. but i find it hard to enjoy this scene alone. wouldnt it be great to have a fellow traveler to discuss the finer points of life with? none greets us.

weve shed our hermits cloak too early then. our timing, which is everything, has betrayed us. after all the screenplay isnt finished. my holy grail is in pieces- half ungathered. the other half held together by the weakest glue. any strong analysis/reading—-> implosion.

what blasphemy!

what tragedy!

i falsely imagined that i would emerge from my cave, pull the hood off of my cloak and have the thick layer of dust that had gathered there billow down in delightful puffs of clouds about the rest of me. the low light of the waning afternoon paints my revival perfectly and at the same time blinds my eyes-unused to sunlight at any strength.  id look around and lo and behold see another hermit-also newly emerged from his asceticism. wed make eye contact easily despite the vastness of that empty field. both of us would be ready to share the riches we had gleaned from the multitudes of esoteric knowledge we had shut ourselves away for the purpose of understanding.

i was mistaken. the field is empty except for me. i am alone. my brave actions unrewarded. sadness colors the air.

Before, our sole focus on work and the rewards a successful screenplay would bring for many years to come carried us beyond any need for human interaction. why have real conversation when you can imagine perfectly scripted dialogue? no unpleasant surprises. no unpredictability or chaos that being a human makes unavoidable. need an issue resolved? write it in. need to kill off someone. well….

ive dubbed this beautiful written realisty “the robinson crusoe effect”. perhaps robison crusoe reality is a better name. all controlled dialogue. unilateral thought. no surprises.

sure r.c. missed people. but the conversations he had in his mind, while stranded on the island for those years, never knowing he would be rescued-were probably some of the most perfect conversations a human can have.

i think every writer yearns for a real crusoe moment – tropical exile with food water shelter  pen paper and a pet monkey. imposed sanctions of personal thought without the distractions of “real life” in which  he can create and create alone. the petty conflicts of everyday interactions. the needed considerations for others feelings and sensitivities. the needed considerations for his very own set of insecurities and sensitivies. the loyalties one can’t do without (those with humanity, conscience, and a soul that is) that finds one disadvantaged now and again. the basic bio functions that steal time too often.

“aint nobody got time for that” – sweet brown.

now imagine just your purest uninterrupted thoughts- uninterrupted like the island stranded crusoe. brilliant! now imagine a few coconut margaritas with ice, some fresh caught  surf fish roasting on a disease free stick over a smoke free fire, a hammock you proudly crafted yourself from banana leaves, a banana leaf thong you proudly crafted to match that proudly crafted hammock. a shipwrecked proctor and gamble tanker ship less than a mile away of toilet paper, soap, tampons, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant, razors, bugspray, chapstick, and ramen- now imagine a pen and paper in your hand. now imagine unstoppable success.

did crusoe ever learn to make his own paper and pencils while in exile? i hope so for his sake.  a writer without paper = a madman.

flip script:

yes the imaginary is more perfect than real life. boo hoo. but i will add that my movie is not devoid of  believable heartfelt suffering. or conflict. but my goal was always to take the caca moments, so painfully true, and have the characters (and audience) experience a big payoff for their travails. in my universe there is sadness, but for the supremely intelligent, the poignantly honest, the brave souls willing to love a single person fully and at times above themselves rationale reason and tradition, there will always be justice.


hugs from odie to me and from me to odie,

o and om.


poetically unexpected: another screenplay breakthrough by YT (yours truly)

dearest odyssians,water drop reflection flower petal closeup

despite candy crush saga hijacking our brains and  intellects for the last couple of days… (and a resurgence of art overloading our muse censors) odie and i managed to lay down some important dialogue/exchanges for the screenplay. odie left the harder levels to me anyhow, being the smart little sphynx he is.

sadly ive noticed i have a tendency to write one characters dialogue at a time. and in this instance its the stronger of the two characters ive dedicated most of lines two (with  the weaker giving the occasional retort).  the stronger character argues her certain points well, (argument is critical of course for the essence of screenwriting..) but its the rapid back and forth gunfire type dialogue that really needs to exist and zing on the page if theres any hope of selling and seeing these girls come to life as the “damaged intellectuals take the reigns and blast their way to justice” ive worked so hard to have them written as.

i find it strange that im only finding one characters points compelling enough to write. one character driving the evolution of the action for the moment.

when will both speak equally?

this is all due to the fact that its very clear in my mind that the stronger character is forcing the action of the script. she’s the one that decides justice can be sought. true, the second character gives the go ahead. but thats not the same thing, is it?

and thats ok. because when the weaker character takes her stand the audience will definitely feel the blow back so to speak. its all about the poetically unexpected. and she will bring the unexpected in way s that will be equal parts brain twister inducing dialogue and fast tongues and sharper wits. plus theres always the back beat of sexy deep house music “in yo face” to round out all the mental action.

in conclusion. yes, theres lots more work to be done.

but i did write myself into a compelling breakthrough tonite. originally only one of the girls has a dark past compelling her towards exacting justice. but tonite i discovered just exactly what the stronger character was hiding under the proverbial “nightie” (is that the right word?) that would lead her to want to help the weaker victim girl in the first place.

shes standing for something on her own as well.

her damage is more about drug use than it is about a sexual violation like it is for the other character. however i can see the two being intermixed/intertwined into several back episodes that exist in the creators mind and not ever on paper – for the stronger character.

in conclusion: everybodys fucked up in her own spectacular beautiful interesting way in this piece.

the back story of the girls that never makes it to the screen or to the page is just as real to me. for the characters live and breath within me. and today, i just gave them a breath of fresh air, and in a way revived them. i hadnt written in a week or so and that left me with a malingering feeling i wasnt comfortable with.

perhaps my muse is not the sit back relax write whenever you feel like youre done playing candy crush saga after all.

in conclusion: one can never let his/her characters lay dormant for too long or they cease to exist, especially me.

i think, therefore they are.

i write, therefore they exist.

BUT what does it mean to merely think a thought in this universe and not bring it forth into some form of physical existence?. the teachings of oprahs “secret” or whoever wrote the book, would say they are real nonetheless.

but seeing history and time erase most things i would say… not so fast Oprah.

tis best to write in stone inside a sealed tomb devoid of moisture and mold than to write in water…

ask keats.


o and om.

amazing nature landscapes: two reflection sunsets (revealing layers of truth)

dearest odyssians,

earlier i wrote that sometimes we can only know ourselves by asking others who we are. after all,  it is through others eyes that our place in the world is staged. not determined, albeit, but staged. it is in an outsider environment that our delusions, whatever they may be, can be mitigated by society’s and loved ones reality.  i spoke with cam about a natural human desire to create what i dubbed “accurate impact”. approriate legacy. accurate history. despite respect.  Accurate impact is about attaining a proper self (in the now, future, future perfect) in an ever changing world where human perspectives  and recollection/historical records are as skewed as the topmost layer of ocean on a stormy day. reminding ourselves that our own self images can be even more skewed if allowed to run rampant without refrain.

Today im throwing that all away and saying that only we can know ourselves. whatever history dictates for us is irrelevant.

go beyond those layers that weve added as an existential buffer to the other layers weve all built atop  layers weve skillfully fastened upon a mysterious mountain like number of secret extra layers created to beguile all earthly witnesses – lets call these profound layers “Personality”.  now go beyond the next set of layers that are almost as much emotional as physical in their existence, almost as much reality as untouchable soul… lets call these layers “the subconscious”

now go beyond the next layers you find. those best described as a soft underbelly of pale pink flesh so slight, so minimal in existence that no one has ever seen or will ever see them. so remote and hidden that no one has ever spoken of them before. these layers are so thin the very pulse of our thoughts as they form in our bodies are visible through them. we cannot name these layers for they are so faint they could never be seen by the aided human eye.

now go even further. beyond one last layer – beyond the most succulent point of our visceral coverings. a final hidden, never before seen layer that only exists in the very breath of others that have passed in another dimension- the final layer that protects the most vulnerable parts of ourselves  – and you will find a place we ourselves are scared to talk about.

this is where our truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth lies. a truth that perhaps we can hardly handle for the knowing of it.

vulnerable. exposed. real. raw. open. pure.

this is who we are.

beyond layers as thin as cloud, your inner truth lies

only god is able to reach inside that point and scoop out what is contained there beyond all other layers . to hold it in his hands at once. to weigh it/ us against all other things. and against the very truth itself.

and only we are privileged to know what lies within us while still mortal. we are not able to weigh it. we are just able to feel it is there.

i had to ask myself today:

whens the last time you peeled back all of those protective layers.  and examined your real self. in the comfort and quiet of your own thoughts. without distraction. or hope of a different reality.

who was it that you found there?

is that true self allowed to live freely in society?

is that true self the one you allow to wake and fulfill the day?

if not, how can you bring your true self to the forefront?

should you?

*of course odie has never had to ask or answer these questions. but i have.


O and OM

Lone figure landscapes: Divine dreams



There is a place where contemplation above all else is valued as the divine. There are no bills or taxes there; physical bodies optional…
May we float on the cloud of divine dreams tonight.

♡ o and om

i offer this euphemism

dear odyssians,

odie and i are still going through the final (death) pangs of anxiety from the move..we hope they will pass soon. in the meanwhile we offer this lovely landscape for your consideration of our emotional.representation.

our discombobulation, disorientation, discomfort, disheveled appearance, distorted sense of time and reality, and dis…? illusion? is absolute. i can now attest from experience that moving cross country  feels a bit like having your bodies fluid and solid contents mashed pulled plucked turned about stamped down heated up and lastly pressed like a Pinot (my fave) grape in order to be distilled as a liquid through a godlike grid that seperates all of your emotions from your physicality and spreads them like a rainbow for the world to see.
raw, bare…. and exposed. tumbling disconjoined colors and rumbling waves of soul
quite like this landscape.
though the breakdown of who we are and how we feel after this move is not as enjoyable, picturesque,
and certainly not worth preserving as a picture.
lets just call this blog a photo representation of euphemism.
and with that we are signing off, hopefully to congeal back together into a more human state by the morning.
a tired, but not beaten,
odie and odie mama.

wooden it be lovely

while wading through the 1’s and 0’s of the backweb matrix i discovered another artist that i fell in love with. mioke.

shes lives/works in germany and im going to guess shes of japanese heritage. her latest collection is drawn on wood. and though wood has become increasingly popular as a canvas substitute among our newer generation artists, mioke’s illustration technique lends her drawings a seperate place in the art pantheon.

somehow, as if by magic (or by woodcut technique) the wood grains shift and spiral throughout the different segments of her drawings. her illustrations therefore look more like woodcuts  and  paintings combined seamlessly…

her subjects:  japanese folklore and traditional art. the solitude/lonliness of the individual in japanese society. japanese despair and distruction following the tsunami.

take a look for yourself! and enjoy.

sphynx-tastic! (odies favorite)

and here is her site. it has a unique set up (that my computer didnt appreciate). if youre able to view the full site you will see more of her portfolio. before her woodcut drawings she focused on japanese folklore paintingg, and surreal landscape+human figure paintings. i also really like them and im thinking ill post more of her past work in the future.

alrighty then.

im off to the tiki bar. wrangled some friends for to occassion.

have a great weekend. hope you get some tiki time in too.

love odie + odie mama.