Amazing landscape photography: beautiful impasse

Dearest odyssians,

im·passeˈimˌpas, imˈpas
noun1. a situation in which no progress is possible, esp. because of disagreement; a deadlock. “the current political impasse”
synonyms:deadlock, deadend, stalemate, standoff


How do these 2 reconnect?
O and om

Beautiful nature landscapes: mighty mount

Dearest odyssians,


We just want to apologize for our lack of daily blog posting these past fews weeks. This scattered sharing betrays our scattered schedules and scattered minds. Of course Weve already started attempts to right the ship of life and reclaim all balance points. As conditions improve, so too will the frequency with which we post. We hope todays blog is the b3ginning of our return to once a day blogging.  Theres too much beauty in the world for us to clock out in the face of inconvenience. We must remain a point of landscape allocation.

“Ones art should never suffer as a result of the world. if anything ones art should be enhanced by it.”-odie the wise.

Of our duo, Only odie is wiser than odie mama after a rum rocks splash of coke.

“We both know the truth” – odie
“2 rum and cokes?”- om
“Id agree with you, but then wed both be wrong. .”-odie
“I love your sense of humor”-om
“Me too. Except I wasnt joking..”-odie
“Come here and give mom a hug you little hairless rascal!!-om
Hugs, o and om

beautiful nature landscapes: mount of mounts : sunset mystique

dearest odyssians,


wow. and wow. odie mama is feeling a surge of incredible planetary energy which is making me a bit crazy on all front and in all sectors. its as if every cell in my body has been illuminated by a holy energy, but im not sure why. i wish i knew. again, i have asked the universe for answers. how long must i wait for the solution?


o and om.