Waking beauty : persistence pays

Dearest Odyssians,
Odie, my hairless cat, practically gnawed my face off this morning until I woke up, at six am, and opened the window for him to bird watch. As part of what is fast becoming his new daily routine, I also have to cover his bald body with his fuzzy blanket just so, or else he’s too cold to sit in the ‘chill’ morning air.  Today’s artic temperature before sunrise: 65° Fahrenheit.

Did I ever mention I go to bed at four am? well, I go to sleep at four am. Every night. And now I’m up. Blogging. While odie watches birds flit past his screened-in perched.

No sleep for the odie mamas. I am glad he’s happy though. Bastard. Lovely, lovely bastard.

O and om. ♡

Happy birthday Odysseus!! 4=32

Dearest Odyssians,


My baby moo moo sugar pie piglet kitty lamb lion has turned four.  Meaning he’s 32 in human years. By next year he’ll be older than Me!! They grow up so fast,  don’t they?
Here’s a chart showing how indoor cats age relative to humans.
A website that has a cat age calculator says Odies 35. obviously we aren’t going to go by what some complicated algorithm from this Web page says, especially a site that makes odie any older!!
But for the brave.. Here’s the link :

Hugs to all of our friends and our animal friends too!!  You’ve made Odies years wonderfully rich. And we look forward to many more.

O and om 🐱.