amazing nature landscapes: ethereal uluru

dearest odyssians,

uluru pic via eyesofodysseus

another wondrous site to behold. thanks planet earth!


o and om

but before we officially sign off for the evening, did i mention that i got super long nails done/glued on at the salon as a kind of spring time awakening thing. well they are hard as hell to type in. i wonder how odie does it? :) As his faithful owner and official “keeper of the well trimmed claw” ( i dutifully clip his lil demon claws every couple of week – i would never declaw a cat!) i must say that he really owes me one for keeping his nails at a nice length for the keyboard. if it weren’t for me how would he be able to do the copy editing and the spellchecking.

oh thats right…

hugs again,

o and om


amazing nature landscapes: on the horizon

dearest odyssians,

hello all. heres a nice ocean pic. looks like its pretty warm out there in this photo. a lot warmer than o and om are here in chi town. right now its a balmy negative 15. that aint a typo. odie thinks this weather is worth drinking a gallon of rum over.and blacking out for 4 weeks. and waking up when it gets above freezing. like the end of april.  i agree. but weve abstained from making a pirates night of it all for reasons that.. actually for no particular reason whatsoever. and were not even sure why that is. we could have really blown a rum soaked hole right through the middle of this deep freeze depression the midwest has succumbed to- the depression thats taken us right along with it. but alas. we’ve remained head squarely on shoulders. and aren’t faring too badly for it.

 if you’re in the upper part of the lower  48  we hope you are enjoying the polar vortex with us and  that all this chilled joy its bringing you breathless memories that you haven’t you’ll never forget – if you’ve refused to drink them into oblivion. you’ll certainly have them for the next 60 years. i think thats a real possibility considering how truly cold and snowy its been.

have a great one.


o and om

amazing nature landscapes: the cold is (never) at bay

Dearest odyssians,

We are joining you again from the depths of frigid winter in the midwest. ive got the heat cranked up to 75 and have on head to toe layers indoors. Odie is wearing his new fave sweater with mickey mouse on it. lets just say hes down the with program – of the season.

we really cant be sure how earlier civilizations survived winters here without k2 hyperwarm mounting climbing arctic coats and hot cocoa with extra whip… but somehow they did. then they were run out by those who set up slap board wooden houses, burned them down, set up skyscrapers and voila! there are millions of us here having a sh*t great time of it all. tis the season to layer, and face cover, and hand cover, and leg warmer… though no shoe nor boot nor thermal underwear onesie can really absolve this type of cold.

why didnt our forefathers migrate away from here forever and put up warning sides that read “beware all future migrants who deign to make longterm shelter here. you will curse yourselves for the decision for the rest of your earthly days and your ancestors shall curse you for the decision forever -between the dates of sept 1 and may 1. just so you know. have a nice day.”

the summer is really not long enough to justify the caca of spring fall and winter that surround her short season so. much better to be a seminole than an illinois during winter, id say. no disrespect to any tribes in the making of this judgement which is about location.

not everyone feels this way. ive heard a few say “i love the cold” from their heated armchair before a roaring fireplace drinking hot toddys and wearing fur lined bear skin slippers. but hey…me not being able to take this might just come across as me being irascible me and not me and my inability to keep warm when its negative 10 outside.

“its irascible you.” – odie

“thanks for the support.” – odiemama

enough about the weather. we are here. we are stuck. for the duration of the season. hoping to finally break free of illinois winters once and for all – not thru death or destruction, but through a preemptive strike aka move to a warmer locale.

stay inside. stay warm. save the skin on your face and hands for another summer. and grab the hot buttered rum to dull all other pains and ills associated with the season,

good tidings to all,


O and OM

** extra credit. is that ice in the pic above, or just fluvials? drop me a line and let us know…

amazing nature landscapes: slices of ice

dearest odyssians,

sunset frozen lake via eyesofodysseus

the hamster wheel of my life keeps a turning.. despite the deep freeze and cold that has plunged our small city of the world to a standstill.  in truth i think i could brave any climate/hell/war zone/urban setting/post apocalypsis with enough sleep. without it, not even a red carpet unrolled event by wheelchair with armored guard is manageable. 8 hrs is all i ask. but a real solid 8. to keep my metaphorical sails unfurled and on mast- and catching air. 7.99 instead of 8 simply isnt cutting the cloth. im on day 4 with an avg of 6 hrs only. that means ive already missed 2 x 4….. one whole days sleep in 4 days. id bite all my nails off again if they werent already gone. odies? i trimmed his dutifully 2 days ago. and hes in bed most hours of the day, as is his catlike creature feature.

might i not just crawl under this formidable comforter that lets me forget all the worlds suffering as a chrysalis does for the catapillar? might i not also be simultaneously hooked up to a painfree i.v. that injects a steady stream of 90 degree diabetes free hot chocolate, (whole milk, extra whip) while i read the 30 books ive yet to get to as fast as keanu learned kung fu in the matrix?  and then, after learning and enjoying, might i not fall into a 24 hour slumber where i journey to the other side-afforded full spiritual protection of the light- and have the most amazing learning experience from those who really know the know? and rise again without brain damange?


“you are merely tenants of this earth. not landlords. sadly, the most powerful among you dont see it this way.”

“we arent getting our security deposit back, are we?”

“honestly no… but not too worry. there will be new tenants moving in. and you shall go your proper way, as have those that came before you.”

“this switching places; a new lease signed by new tenants + the old moving on, this has happened in the past, hasnt it?”

“more times than you can possibly comprehend.”

“yet i feel that youve answered my question more completely than i was able to ask. meaning, i never could have posed the question that you just answered for me.  Therefore, i do understand that i will never fully understand. what do i tell the others?”

“a Few already know what few will know.  The important thing to remember is what most sense unconsciously; Nature is a grand circle- birth, death, with rise and fall in between. there are no discernible markers for any of these points. that is all. nothing more.”


” yes. what ive revealed is an almighty truth, so simplistic, it is hard for your kind to apply to your own situation and find satisfaction. life=death. nothing more.”

“so this was all meant to be. our beginning. our end.”


“then why have us want to live forever?”

“who says that you do not?”


and remember these dreams. and come back a little better for the world?

might i also arise content.  and share what i know with those who should also know. or keep the secrets incased inside my existence until this mortal coil/jail is shed forever.

til we meet again,


o and om

amazing nature landscapes: colors of the rain

dearest odyssians,

light-and-rainplease enjoy this beautiful rainbow landscape. please enjoy all the colors that our lives contain…

“lots of different colored rums, there are momma, to enjoy and savor and indulge in!” -odie

“shh, you! if we keep mentioning rums etc in our blogs our followers will think us alcoholics. which we arent. and, i must add, i knew you were going to say this thing about the rum colors.” – odie mama

“my wisdom on the matter shall never wane.” – odie

“nor shall mine. thats what worries me.” – odie mama

“embrace your fears. drink them down whole.” – odie.

“great idea. ice? coke? or shots?”

“but not tonight. for tonight we go to bed early. as brave and sober men!” – odie

“umm. im a female princess and you are my royal protection unit, aka, eunuch.” – odie mama.

“lets not reveal that to everyone, ok!” – odie

“ok. dont worry. youre royal loyal status is safe. nobody knows. save for 700 or so people…”

“embarassing. but i can live with it if they can. goodnite mama.” – odie

“nite odie.” – odie mama


o and om.