The Eyes Of Odysseus


… and upon the eyes of Odysseus there fell a sleep, gentle,
the sweetest kind of sleep with no awakening, most like
death; while the ship, as in a field four stallions drawing
a chariot all break together at the stroke of the whiplash,
and lifting high their feet lightly beat out their path, so
the stern of this ship would lift and the creaming wave behind her
boiled amain in the thunderous crash of the sea. She ran on
very steady and never wavering; even the falcon,
that hawk that flies lightest of all winged creatures, could not have paced her,
so lightly did she run on her way and cut through the sea’s waves.
She carried a man with a mind like the gods for counsel, one whose
spirit up to this time had endured much, suffering many
pains: the wars of men, hard crossing of the big waters;
but now he slept still, oblivious of all he had suffered.

The Odyssey
Book 13, Lines 79-92
Homer, ca. 8th century B.C.

-Richard Lattimore translation.

Art credit:  ‘The cyclops’,  1898. by odilon redon (1840-1916)

O and om. ♡

Beautiful astrology element guide

Dearest Odyssians,



The writing in the pictures above is very small, so I’ve included the complete list of key words for each of the four elements below:

*Earth 🌍 : strength, wealth, form, body, midnight, caves, mountains, gardens, groves, Plains, winter, North, place of darkness.

*Air 💨 : breath, intellect, wind, music, dawn, sky, wind, high places, vibrations, clouds, spring, East, place of greatest light.

*Fire 🔥 : courage, passion, will, moon, energy, deserts, volcanoes, lightning, sun, stars, summer, South, places of great heat.

*WATER 💦 : dreams, compassion, intuition, feeling, Twilight, lakes, Wells, rivers, oceans, rain, fog, tides, West, place of setting sun.

The center reads : spirit within and all around.

Here’s a handy guide to finding out the element related to your sun sign.


We hope this chart helped you learn something new about yourself, or helped remind you of the blessings you already possess!

O and om
Sag and Gem.

Astrology charts: elements and qualities of the zodiac

Dearest Odyssians,


We wanted to share this amazing zodiac/astrological chart with you. It shows elements, characteristics, and modes/qualities associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac in a cool and artistic way.
Here’s another chart that has additional info about your signs, including dates and cusps.  I love its beautiful colors and artwork.


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Btw: Odie is a saggitarius. Odie mama is a Gemini. :)