Hi everyone,

Odie and odie mama

After years of working anonymously as the power duo behind eyesofodysseus, Odie and I and finally saying hello – in person.  
We are glad to have met you and to finally be meeting you, vis a vis. Thanks for being a part of our blog even though we were I. D. ‘strangers’ til now. 

More of us, our writing, and less of our anonymity to come. 

Odie and odie mama. 

Cloud scapes: Light in the dark

Dearest Odyssians,


We are happy to share an amazing cloudscape Photo by shanka:

Shanka, the photographer,  says:
“I am presently shooting with:
* Nikon D3000 + 18-55 VR kit lens :)
* Kenko Circular Pl (Used most of the time)
* Hoya HMC+ UV filter (It was a bad investment, really!)
* Vanguard 203 tripod.

I wish i had:

*I Just quit the pathetic day job i am doing and see the world :) ”

To see more of his amazing work, visit his Flickr site:

Odie wishes he had a camera and was a polydactyl like the mean, 6-fingered guy from ‘the princess bride’ (but not mean), so he could take amazing nature pics too. He admits he wouldn’t need a tripod because he would use me to hold the camera and take the steady shots. So I’ll have to get a tripod if we ever reach that juncture. #worthit. Here’s to hoping we do.

O and om 🐱

Quotes for writers : rewrites aren’t insane (they just feel that way)

Dearest Odyssians,


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Einstein.
“… Unless you’re a writer. Then it’s a necessary part of the job.” – odie.

Keep plugging away Odyssians. The time you spend on editing and rewrites until you’re satisfied* with your work is worth it. The results will be different,  and they will be better.

O and om 🐱

*There also comes a point when you must be willing to submit your work,  knowing it will never be perfect. That point is when you are reasonably satisfied with what you’ve done. You know in your heart you’ve given your best effort into editing your work. Beware of the over edit….

Quodies : we don’t do mornings – and neither should you.

Dearest Odyssians,


when the hammers started pounding away at the house being rehabbed next door at 8 am,  Odie said exactly what we (and Garfield cat)  were thinking.  We don’t do mornings.  Afternoons are so much better.

Odie thinks the day should start at twelve pm and end at 4 am.  I agree. I trained him that way. Now if only we could get the construction crew on board.

To artist and cat schedules everywhere, O and om.