Unbelievable Midwestern weather: chicago chicanery

Dearest odyssians,
We just left a warm weather paradise (florida) to return home…thinking it wouldn’t be this ba’d. The numbers from earlier in the week fooled us. We thought it would only be as cold as zero. ..
Of course we were Rendered instantly mute as the airports sliding doors opened..and artic winds froze the
surprised expression on my face into a grimaced snarl. and theres more relentless cold to come, as the above pic painfully points out.
Not even 14 hand knit sweaters layered as skilled upon the body as a mummy cats wrappings could keep odie warm in this hell freeze. Good thing he never left home..
I do think he would have loved miami as much as I did.
O (wisely without her muse -om)

amazing nature landscapes: sadness upon the seas

dearest odyssians,

we interrupt our blog’s usually irreverent positivity to announce that there is a riot upon our seas… we pray for the dolphins (and other animals) being hauled to their heart wrenching slaughter at the hands of those who walk on 2 legs…. it pains us so to read this truth.

Read more about the dolphin tragedy here.. if you can bear it


to the pod we send spiritual hugs, eternal blessings, peace. to the dead we pray for your everlasting comfort in the afterlife. for those kept alive, may your final days be not hell. remember- your lives were not in vain. you are not side dishes or a side show entertainment. you are beautiful and intelligent and kind. most of us humans do know that. I’m sorry you’ve been treated this way by people who do not represent us as a whole. in your last moments i know that does little… for it is the terrible few that have wrought this.

o and om

Interesting nature illustration art landscapes: magic hands

Dearest odyssians,


The magic is in my hands.

“So what are you waiting for mama?” -odie

“Well I uhh” -me

“You know what you need to do. So do it!” -odie

“Yeah. Ok. Im scared…yeah. I said it. Out loud.” -me

“Arent we all? – Odie

*”Fear, my dear, is how I bind you. And all others. ” -the darkness

“I shall not succumb?” -me

“You shall not. If you can say it with confidence.” -odie

“I shall not succumb. To my fears.” – me

“Remember your pledge.” -odie

“I will” – me

Pen is in hand….

9/o and om


dearest odyssians,

Take Flight

though you may be forgotten by those u believed cared for u most,  remember to soar high. a self deflating attitude garners nothing in these circumstances. Hopefully there will be reconciliation, apologies and hugs ..

bon nuit,

love O and OM

lone figure landscapes: midnight digital’s amazing art

dear odyssians,






this photo scares the poopoo out of my little odie. and i wonder myself, what the hell is it (about)? any ideas?

simply love midnight digital’s work. photo manipulation isnt often done to such effect of spiritual/ emotional intensity. but this guys got it down to an ethereal spooky  and perfect science. as much as art can be science i suppose.

love odie and odie mama.