Into the night : black and white landscape photos

Dearest Odyssians,

The photographer at the dark hedges : northern Ireland by Giuseppe milo

O and om 🐱


Beautiful nature landscapes: a time to start

Dearest odyssians,


Start typing..
I meant to say/type “stay young” (in spirit), but I was auto uncorrected or corrected by higher powers to the words we see above. Start typing. It is clear, the gods have commanded me forth,  to type, the first of my works- that ive kept myself so delayed from- and I shall follow as they have led me.
Godspeed to all,
o and om

Amazing nature landscapes: jupiter and orion

Dearest odyssians,


“Bacardi shall reveal all truths.” – Anonymous
“Bacardi comes in many grades and colors” – odysseus
“As does life. and truth.” -odie mama.
“Interesting” -odysseus

Drink up.
Hugs and goodnight,
O and om

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black and white landscapes: whispers of silence

dearest odyssians,

beth wold namib desertwhat an amazing black and white landscape photo by the incredible beth wold. its as if you can hear the silence that she did when she took the photo…

to see the original and her site:

love O & OM

may you have the sweetest of dreams tonight. and as always, we hope you dream in color!