amazing fantasy art illustrations: freedom in blue

dearest odyssians,

i love this picture. and it completely reminded me of one of my good friends and favorite fellow bloggers-sindy blue.

shes not blue, shell have you know…and her blog is a great holistic read.. check her out!

y’all have a great night. and dream of the freedom of butterflies! also, the color blue is believed to ward off evil in some cultures. double cool!


o & om.

the thai iced tea** drinking pirate twins.

** was feeling a bit under the emotional weather and went to my fave restaurant as a force of habit. Its thai iced t’s are always phenomenal , but the one i ordered today was, for some reason of destiny, especially tasty. i drank it all down in about 5 minutes. boy, was it delish! in fact, I’m craving another right now. but at 7000 “manifold sugar” calories … im gonna wait til tomorrows sun has fully risen and set again before returning to the table. no guilt implied. just pure delight at how i felt so refreshed after my drinky drink and my salad. maybe all my downer mood was about was being hungry?

A moment of silence : the dunes we must climb

My dearest odyssians,


Odie thought it best take a moment of silence. Will you take it with us?

We sign off with this thought/revelation. To be an artist is to be a mountain climber. The better your work, the steeper the angle of ascent. Not working? Youre going downhill.  Thankfully, The artist decides his angle.

O and om in full hermetic mode.
• Angle of todays ascent? Not steep enough, but productive and in the  positive direction. Research is also important.

♡ o and om