Long shadows. Long faces : A tribute to David Bowie

Dearest Odyssians,

Golden God rose
Broke the rules
Straightened up
Flew to the outer limits of space
And sanity
Came back to earth
Aged gracefully
Looked us dead in the eyes
Saw our past and future
And told us not to cry

Bowie is gone. That leaves the rest of us.


His new album is an amazing parting gift:

O and om 🐱

Story of the week: cats for what???

Dearest odyssians,
Welcome to the newest segment of our blog called “Story of the week”.
As zealous, terribly curious news fans, odie and I read the digital paper religiously and at the appropriate times; morn, noon and night. Our daily journeys have led us to notice a disturbing trend. Approximately once a week theres a news story so bizarre, so surreal,  so batsh*t insanely off the wall that we have to share it with friends and see what they really think about it. who can believe any of these wonderously weird accounts if not for sharing all of their incredulity for rational scrutiny and asking another sane person, “wtf did I just read, and could this possibly be real?” That other person says “yes, sadly (or greatly, but for the most part sadly) this did happen on our planet.” Thus the news of the strange becomes true.
And now this act of sharing to achieve rational perspective from irrational action has expanded to you, my dearest odyssians.
Again, why share? Why point out the blighted anomalies of our society? Because These articles beg us to honestly ask-
What makes us human?  How low or high,  (but usually low) can our society go a.k.a. what are the limits of being our species? And, As the stories get increasingly more jarring, what does all this mean for where we are headed?
Also, odie is the coolest, blogging hairless cat there is, and he likes to point claws at our human species and the crazy things we do from time to time, Things cats wouldn’t dream of in any super dark twisted if-we -could-walk-on-2-legs fantasy.
This week’s astonishing news story brings us one article closer to these answers..
A man ate cats. Lots of them. But theres more. He actually cooked and served them to “friends”. How thoughtful of him! This story pissed of odie and I equally for all the right reasons. Heres the link so you can see its veracity for yourselves. No need to download by the daily mail’s crap app… t O read it.
O and om
And may next weeks story prove less perturbing but no less bizarre.
Comments welcome!!

Unbelievable Midwestern weather: chicago chicanery

Dearest odyssians,
We just left a warm weather paradise (florida) to return home…thinking it wouldn’t be this ba’d. The numbers from earlier in the week fooled us. We thought it would only be as cold as zero. ..
Of course we were Rendered instantly mute as the airports sliding doors opened..and artic winds froze the
surprised expression on my face into a grimaced snarl. and theres more relentless cold to come, as the above pic painfully points out.
Not even 14 hand knit sweaters layered as skilled upon the body as a mummy cats wrappings could keep odie warm in this hell freeze. Good thing he never left home..
I do think he would have loved miami as much as I did.
O (wisely without her muse -om)

beautiful nature landscapes: darkest musings (cast into light)

dearest odyssians,

clouds water sunset via eyesofodysseus
darkness falls…

we were going to write something interesting. and emotional. and expressive. something genuine, unique, and beautiful. something sly yet surprisingly truthful.  joyful, yet dramatic. Poignant, poetic, touching, and funny. Profound, provoking, and stunning. A real knee slapper and head turner. perhaps also an eye crosser and brain banger. but nothing of the sort comes to mind that we’ll write.  for the thoughts that plague us now are better left unshared.

“so share them.” – odie.

“really. really?” – odie mama

“yep. its our forum.” – odie

“as you wish, odysseus.” – odie mama

“remember: no regrets. our readers have had ample warning as to what lies ahead.” – odie.

“no regrets. until the morrow.” odie mama.

“dont worry. ___________ dont read our blog. theyre too busy _________ each other.” odie.

“True. here goes nothing. ” -odie mama.

“you mean Everything. buckle up cowboys! ” odie.

A bit of the dark demon within wants to be satisfied by bloodthirsty, justice-laden retribution. but what does it profit a man to think such thoughts? what might a man who deigns to destroy others feel?

“aside from absolute, ecstatic, wretched delight?” – odie mama.

“Maybe we should have waited til your dark cloud passed…” – odie.

“too late… Just tuck your tail and go back to sleep. well know by afternoon how this has all turned out. and stop interrupting me. this post  is  already turning out really good.” – odie mama

“if you say so…” odie.

In a way ,the fact these thoughts of skull crushing revenge are “wrong” makes them “oh so right”.   in general i relish the idea of the supreme gods bringing human filth low. My preferred godly justice Method:  KowTow. (Nothing less for these particular morons that are tonight’s target would satisfy). I envision them on their knees. prostrate. mud in their faces. whimpering because its hard to breath. and because they dont have time to bicker over their own inanity/falsehoods in that position.  only then will they be given the added fare of Neck breaking blows from a club to emphasize their unavoidable status as “trailer-trash-dirtbags-that-the-gods-dislike-terribly”. club blows included gratis :)

happy happy joy joy.

how sweet. how savory. how glee ridden. for not only me to witness, but for others too. (truth: odie couldnt give a flying rat squirrel’s monkey fuck either way. god bless him).  i could sell tickets to this event. i wholeheartedly belive the town square, littered with the corpses of those they’ve shat on, couldnt fill up fast enough for an audience if/when these two skanks were paraded and quartered.

disclaimer: i would never force a fools cognizance by my own hands. no need to mention other, better weapons than hands.  best leave that to the experts above, or even better, the fools themselves. self destruction is the key to learned lessons. and lots of rum. all kinds. all colors.

call me forever childish, but  i delight in the idea of a run of the mill asshole being torn/destroyed a new one  large enough to drive his sins through without resistance. “destroyed” is too harsh a word. and should never be in the same sentence as asshole. so i amend my words with a rephrasing of sorts; i simply ask that the gods bring those who have little respect for others/each other/themselves to their knees. once broken in the ways ive plotted in the darkest corners of my mind, these pions would never have a way to hurt others again. the end.

“well that was refreshing.” – odie

“wasnt it though?” – odie mama.

“you still havent told us who the trailer trash is or how theyve wronged you. im curious…” – odie

(stepping on his line.)

“you hush now. and know that sometimes appropriate punishments can be designed by a tired witness as opposed to a direct victim.” – odie mama.

“youd make a great lawyer, mama.” – odie.

“why thank you little booger.” – odie mama.

“dont tell anyone, but i like it when you call me that.” – odie.

“i promise not to tell a soul. night lil’ Booger.” – odie mama.

“night mama.” – odie.


o and om. – unbelievably (or believably) pirate juice free.