The Wake Up code: reblog of blue butterflies and Me post

The Wake Up Code –

A magnificent piece by my sexy genius friend and spiritual sister from another mother…
Also includes am overview of a great star trek the next generation episode…

What’s not to love/reblog?

O and om 🐱.

amazing gif art: round angles by paolo ceric

dearest odyssians,

Paolo Čerić is amazing
Paolo Čerić is amazing

ive always had a warm spot in my heart for amazing gifs…and i have to say that the art of Paolo Čerić is not to be missed.

I will be posting more of his mind bending gifs this week.

on another note, but perhaps somehow completed related, I had an odd feeling today that my soul was separating from my body, or at least felt that way. not in  a death becomes me type fashion, because it doesn’t! it was more a sense that my physical vs soul gap was heightened. i assure you readers that the two are very much still joined and their union was not breached.

on that note my tired body is calling for sleep, where in dreams my soul flies free, unlimited by physical limitations that bodies bring. joyfully i suppose.

goodnight dearest odyssians.

until we meet again tomorrow.



♡ o and om.

ps. has anyone else noticed WordPress issues? certain blogs are not showing up in my blogs.i follow reader, though i clearly follow them. also, i have not gotten notice if a single new follower for two months. when i tested the system using my moms email she never got my blog post notices nor did i find out i had a new follower. ths is all very strange indeed. i spoke with fellow blogger and she’s also having issues. not the same as mine, but serious glitches in their own right.
I’d anyone else having issues? does anyone have an explanation, or even better a solution?
maybe i,, need to reset everything somehow..
nite nite.