Dearest Odyssians,  Heres a page dedicated to my dearest Odysseus! Enjoy.

odie in his favorite sunchair, enjoying the early may weather :)

Aliases: Odie, O, monkey, moomoo, scamp, muffin, booger, marshmallow.

Breed: White Canadian Sphynx with handsome Golden eyes.

Birthday: December 22, 2009

Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY.

Sign: Sagittarius

Likes: nice people, warm laps, cozy blankets, heating pads, down jackets, basking in direct sunlight, turkey dinners, cheddar cheese, top shelf bourbon, chamomile tea, chin nuzzles, gummy bears,  kisses, his fishing rod toy with mom’s hairband accessories tied on for more fun, fresh catnip finely ground.

Dislikes: soda/pop/fizzy drinks, citrus,  cold breezes, bathing of any kind (except sun), litter pan dust, winter, being left alone for any amount of time, when mommy’s upset.

Greatest Achivement (thus far) : solving his own riddle of the sphynx.


odie under his favorite blankie!! he has an extra long tail that wraps ever so beautifully around him and his coverings!
odysseus. close enough to snuggle. as you can see hes not completely hairless, but rather covered in a soft downy peach fuzz. like a peach :)
odysseus, my sweet moo!
odie, in his favorite lil’ monsters t shirt enjoying an interesting sleeping position. you can see his eyes rolling around as he dreams!
odysseus, though whiskerless, is tremendously adventurous. he explores with sound, touch, and sight...
odysseus, though whiskerless, is tremendously adventurous. he explores with sound, touch, and sight…
sometimes he looks so human i get all teary inside… awwww
a softer side of odysseus. again with a blanket and scarf to keep him warm :)
odie, sunbathing.
odie loves to play!

odysseus my baby lamb sphyx eyesofodysseus

what a handsome fellow!! loving his golden eyes in this photo.
odie in an imaginary landscape. photo credit: odie mama!

For Additional Odysseus info CLICK HERE

13 thoughts on “• ODYSSEUS •

  1. Oh my gosh what a handsome! I just want to give him so many cuddles! I saw my first sphynx at a cat show about 9 years ago. His mummy came and picked him up to take him for judging, and I was just standing there staring and said “What kind of cat is that?” And over her shoulder she said “It’s a sphynx”. I thought for sure she said “it stinks” so I said to my mom, “Does the breed have an odor?” And she cracked up and corrected me. Good memory. :) I’ve been in love ever since…someday I’ll have my own baldy baby! :D

    • hi fairy octopus!!
      So wonderful to have you stop by and tell our Odie how handsome he is. He’s purring about it – very loudly!!
      They are such amazing cats. Cuddly, warm, affectionate – the best companions ever. And I think odie smells like fresh cream and baby snuggles. He has such a wonderful natural yumminess about him. They do need a bath every 2 weeks, and their ears cleaned often, but they are tidy, smart, fun, and above all great cats. Just don’t leave them alone for too long, if you only get one!
      Let us know when you are getting your own bald one.
      and thank you again, you made Odie’s year!!
      O and OM.

  2. Odie is amazing! What a great photo series. The eyes say so much– sometimes dilated, sometimes narrowed, sometimes closed, sometimes curious. There is a beautiful life inside there… I think he makes a fine role model. :)


    • Hi M.
      We finally figured out how to reply in wordpress from our phones. What a nice thing!!
      How have you been how is the book going? I’m so hoping that you’ve found an agent. Please let us know :)

      Odie says thanks for the wonderful compliments. He’s happy that the blog has garnered him true fans of his modeling work. 😜

      O the supermodel sphynx, and his minion with a keyboard – om.

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