Digital Fractal Art by Kancano: Spiritual Rush

dearest odyssians,

spiritual rush – Kancano
weaved mandala – kancano
lions_heart_by_kancano via eyesofodysseus
Lions heart – kancano
timid blossom - kancano
timid blossom – kancano
i'm blue - kancano
i’m blue – kancano
the hippy peacock - kancano
the hippy peacock – kancano
a different kind of heart - eyesofodysseus
a different kind of heart – kancano

These Amazing digital fractal art designs are by Kancano. To see more of his work visit his dEviant art site:

Happy Saturday,  my fellow dreamers and spiritual artists!

Hugs, O and om. ♡

Nature landscapes: blue beauty

Dearest Odyssians,


HI everyone.
Things are rocking and rolling for o and om in bookville,  the place where novels get written. We are knee deep in a very exciting ending rewrite. And then we will continue to do our best to effectively layer in an underlying plot line concerning hidden treasure – towards the front of the book. How exciting!!! It won’t be easy. But we are up for the challenge. P. S. It has to get done anyway…

Hope all is well with you my creative talented dedicated blogging friends. It’s never easy to get creative work done,  and that includes blogging. I’m proud of all of you for sticking to your missions!!

This wonderful nature landscape was photographed by Joseph d’mello.
His website is:

O and om 🐱