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Hello all, 

Please enjoy this incredible collection of amazing wallpaper art from artists around world 🌍 

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O and om 🐱 


Not all those who wander are lost

Dearest Odyssians,
Please enjoy these incredible iphone art creations by Ali Jardine.





“Not all that glitters is gold. Not all who wander are lost” – Tolkien.

“Never stop dreaming!” – odysseus.

“ditto ” – odie mama.

O and om.

To see more amazing art by Ali Jardine please visit her Instagram page:

amazing landscape art: (what beauty looks like when) frozen forever

dearest odyssians,

im just loving this sci fi esq ice age landscape that we found in the matrix…

speaking of sci fi… im compiling a list of seminal sci fi films  that ill present soon. no time for this tonite as the list will be well thought out, funny as hell, and will blow away any competition lists like shwarznggrs shotgun in T2. the weary must rest. mommas super tired…

oh. but one quick question first. is tonite’s pic real or simulated?.. weve asked this before and the answer was that it was simulated. aka art…. and i think you guys were right. so heres us seeking your opinion on another pic that we had trouble decided exactly what it was. you odyssians are so good at this… **


o and om.

** the rum drinking pirate twins are sober and think this is a beautiful fake…we mean work of art.

unique & amazing nature landscapes: crystal pink tides

dearest odyssians,

odie recommends a kayak for best viewing of this interesting sight…and a kayak would bring you within a tongues distance so you could find out if this is salt or just something weird. odie, you go first!

we hope one day to travel to see all of the amazing sights weve been able to share through this blog. i want odie to come with me, or course. maybe if i start leash/kitty carrier/human toilet training hell be ready by the time i have the funding and the free time.

also, in other amazing news.

i started this blog on odies birthday (december 22), just by coincidence. and today, in another act of ‘the  blog gods are smiling’, its 4/21 today and  we have officially gained 421 followers!!! we are so thrilled that our blog is being well received and appreciate our growing audience.


heres another  thank you to all odyssians,


You all keep my at the keys and we look forward to working with all of you in the future…



and hugs,

odie & odie mama

amazing nature landscapes: one with everything

dearest odyssians,

one with everything

one should always make sure to take time out to be one with nature, and nature alone.

its quiet brings us truth**

and balance.

also, the title of this blog reminds me of a funny joke.

Q:what did Buddha say to the hotdog vendor?

A: make me one with everything.

haha!! odie told me that one.  kid safe and cat friendly.

love O & OM

*[then run home,  turn on the tv, talk to your fam/roomate/s, call a friend on the phone-just for the sake of talking, play your five favorite dance songs – loud, write some emails, update your blog,  and get active on your cell phone..]

Amazing skyscapes : a walk on the clouds

Dearest odyssians,


Already in bed and five blinks from sleep, but I had to share this cloudtastic skyscape with you, dear readers. Incredible that the cloud layer seems to create  solid enough ground cover to walk on.. A walk on the clouds. Better than any Keanu Reeves period drama.
I hope I dream of such a journey amongst such blanket soft andcomforter thick clouds  tonight. Goodnight.
And goodmorning and day to those on the other sides of our amazing planet.
Happy Friday!!

♡ o and om