Stunning pictures: To new heights

Dearest Odyssians,


Odies favorite part of the human experience is when we give each other recognition and praise for jobs well done,  jobs inspiring, jobs emotionally moving, jobs bettering, and jobs everlasting.

Here’s to all of us creating together and living in harmony as one.

O and om
And company
🐨 🐯 🐻 🐱 🐹🐭🐶🐰🐺🐼🐵

unique landscapes: sublime perfection of pool water reflection…

dear odyssians,

what an interesting picture.

perfect for the chain letter story im writing with bluebutterfliesandme called the question.  its all about two zen soul kung fu fighting sisters rediscovering each other at a buddhist monastery after having been seperated their entire lives.(yes blue, i know its my turn to add to our growing masterpiece. ill get there soon). to check out our story thus far visit my menu page and click the link.

this photograph of a serenity pool, complete with flying doves that look cgi superimposed in all their beauty, stirs my old curiosity pot (my brain pan/dome noggin noodle) with such rigor that i am excited by the intensity of my ponders on it.

love odie and odie mama.