Black and White photography: understated sadness

Dearest odyssians,


Just discovered after returning home that our favorite pillow which cushioned us through 15 years of dreams was thrown away because “it was old”.  Also lost, the sacred energy imbued in it by thousands of nights of dreams.
We were not ready to let it go. We are inconsolable.
Some things are great because they are old and worn and worthless to every single other person in the world except for you. They are sacred to us and that makes them relics legends priceless.  The person cleaning up is blind to this.  And will never understand. Why attempt to explain.  Guilt will never bring back 3000 long lost dreams.
What does it mean to have to start anew with a new pillow? What will our dreams be like from now on?
I hate this so…
A devastated o and om.