Night escapes

Dearest Odyssians, 

Sleep well, despite the outcome. I know we shall soldier on for what is right and true. We must stay strong,  united ,  and dignified. . . And well rested. 

O and om 🐱. 


Beautiful Blue Moons 🌚

Dearest Odyssians,
It’s blue moon time again. Blue moons only come once every three years (approximately). Our last visit was in 2012. Our next isn’t until 2018! Enjoy tonight’s moon in all its rarity,  and these amazing pics I found of full moons shining in all their blue glory.







Click the link below to visit an awesome website that has artwork, charts, etc.., and also explains the blue moon phenomenon in wonderfully detail:

Hugs to all of my bloggers under the same beautiful blue moon light

:) ♡
O and om 🐱

Beautiful photography: Riverside blues

Dearest Odyssians,


Had a dream I adopted three kittens.  Odie was delighted to have so many new play friends that had real cat fur.  They liked odie in turn, because he’s hairless, and easy to clean. They snuggled, and ran around, and chased one another’s tails , and played all sorts of fun cat games.

Then we woke up to reality,  where it’s only the two of us. And our blog.

Still a happy story.

Hugs,  O and om.

amazing fantasy art illustrations: freedom in blue

dearest odyssians,

i love this picture. and it completely reminded me of one of my good friends and favorite fellow bloggers-sindy blue.

shes not blue, shell have you know…and her blog is a great holistic read.. check her out!

y’all have a great night. and dream of the freedom of butterflies! also, the color blue is believed to ward off evil in some cultures. double cool!


o & om.

the thai iced tea** drinking pirate twins.

** was feeling a bit under the emotional weather and went to my fave restaurant as a force of habit. Its thai iced t’s are always phenomenal , but the one i ordered today was, for some reason of destiny, especially tasty. i drank it all down in about 5 minutes. boy, was it delish! in fact, I’m craving another right now. but at 7000 “manifold sugar” calories … im gonna wait til tomorrows sun has fully risen and set again before returning to the table. no guilt implied. just pure delight at how i felt so refreshed after my drinky drink and my salad. maybe all my downer mood was about was being hungry?