sunshine landscapes : eye searing brilliance!

dear odyssians,

no need to adjust your monitors. you might want to put some shades on though…. these beautiful, sunshine filled landscapes are so bright in their brilliance they could sear the flesh from your very eyeballs.



the intense heat wave + no rain that has enveloped most of the U.S. this past week prompted odie and i to surf the matrix for sunfilled landscape pics to share. but not just any type of photos of the sun would do.  we were specifically searching for  intense, powerful, and atomically bright depictions of the sun. did you feel the heat radiating from these shots?  point being,  im wearing shades now and crafting a miniature pair for odie as i type. so i think we reached our goal!

stay cool. stay hydrated.

and from all of us at camp odie we wish you a very happy fourth of july!!

love odie + odie mama.

(i would love a glass of water right now. these pics parched my throat!)