curious cats


(the pictures is beautiful but unrelated. well sort of related. Odie and the mountain lion are both amazing c ats, of course).
moments before I started write this, odie was furiously trying to get into a closet he’s never shown interest in til now. ahh, the life of an ever curious feline! so i let him in/checked it out just in case he was sensing something i couldnt, and discovered there were a lot of plastic space sealer bags and i had to close odie out of said closet. this is really all.because of Odies big secret , which i can reveal for the first time in blogspace.
odie loves chewing on plastic bags, etc. and eating them. perhaps inadvertent ly. its a dangerous habit all the same and im always careful to never go shopping and leave a bag out. and to hide all plastic.
so no storage closet for the baby tonight, or ever.
actually he’s sleeping in my lap, add i’m laying down on my back in bed. so were both happy. and odies plastic bag eating sins have been shared with the world.  hell be guilt free tonite at least til the next time i buy groceries.

♡ o and om

animal landscapes: tiger lickin’ good

dear odyssians,

cat week continues here at eyesofodysseus. tonight we are posting another adorable cute cat-tastic cat week.  a tigress licking her little cub clean. their expressions say everythingn about their loving relationship.

i love how you can see the spikes on the mothers tongue and the freckles on her nose and the joy in her eyes of being a mom. odie loves the cubs expression. “aww shucks mom!”/”cut it out mamma”

odie says that to me when i bath him.

love odie and his favorite bath manager, odie mama.


Odysseus: an inch from nap land.

dear odyssians,

heres another family pic starrring odysseus, again. I just couldnt get enough of his sweet face today. and im impressed that my cell phone was able to capture this close up of  a photo.

i love my little pookie booboo dragon lamb tiger baby kitty sleepy monster fuzzy wuzzy rugrat kiss and hug snuggle pumpkin pie monkey muffin!!

and he loves you too. thanks for reading/visiting.

love, odie.