sometimes all you nee are a few words from a person to realize where you really stand in their eyes. all you have to make sure is that you remember what was said. and then move on from there. they wont even see it coming….


this pic might look familiar.its from a windows screen saver. but i still wanted to share it. and am hereby giving credit where credit is due. thanks bill gates for this beautiful picture.


love o and om

unique: serenity

bizarre. odd. weird. strange. beautiful. and serene. enjoy some of this planets most unique landscapes.

serene bolivia
serene moeraki
serene rockland
(by richard mosse)
serene thermals, iceland
serene coast. (gregory trachov)
serene cave
serene balance
serene chemistry
serene boulder
serene stand out
serene boulder (part II)
serene geyser
serene death valley
serene salt flats
serene pinnacles
serene la luna

centered serenity


  1. A structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad, or other obstacle.
  2. A card game descended from whist, played by two partnerships of two players who at the beginning of each hand bid for the right to name…
Be a bridge over (something):  “a walkway that bridged the gardens”.

the serenity of the span. two parts joined together.two halves of the world and of life connected. right down the middle..

serenity. bridge style.
time lapse photography showing traffic movement on a bridge in austin, texas
the quietest bridge of them all. eerily so…
a blue house at the end of the bridge. over water. mysteriously serene and beautiful.
an archival photograph of an ornate bridge in pittsburgh pennslyvania. stunning detail and metal work.
the curved pedestrian walkway of falcon street bridge
a beautiful picture of the margaret hunt hill bridge.
the abandoned petit jean bridge.
gateway bridge
the big sandy river train bridge.
the famous brooklyn bridge in new york
a bridge designed by tschumi in roq-la?, france. a stunningly unique example of modern engineering and bold color.
a wooden suspension bridge in the forests of patagonia

a magnificent shot of the oft clouded golden gate bridge in san francisco. its far point seems to float amongst the clouds on pillars of invisability and its cables seem to disappear right before your eyes.

forgive me for the shrinking pics. these were the best the matrix provided…and thank you for viewing this post. i hope it felt a bit like a journey around the world by traveling through its middle. i was inspired to include these shots because of their great photographic and architectural properties. they also satisfy this weeks theme:  journeys into different perspectives of global serentiy.

i love the feeling that you get when youre standing in the middle of a bridge, for youre truly between two destinations. it evokes a strange sensation within me,  a euphoria of knowing im experiencing one of the rare times in my life that i know im physically standing on dry land yet feel as if im not at any real destination. i also feel that way when im at my tiki bar. which is why i love going there. do you get this feeling when youre on a bridge?

love odie and odie mama.

“never a bridge too far from serenity”

in the mists of s e r e n i t y


A thick cloud of water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth’s surface that obscures or restricts visibility…
structures amid fog
flight through fog.
beachline with fog in distance.
a lone deer in a foggy meadow.
natural forest landscape with beautiful fog cover.
flight of a lone bird through fog with bridge in the background.
dense forest. dense fog.
a lone horse in a fog covered field.
a desert fog.
(photo by j.ten)
layers of fog in latyers of valleys.
a gathering of sheep in a fog filled field.
a tree stands out in front of a fog filled backdrop.
tree tops amid fog.
a clear path through fog. and my favorite fog picture
a man canoeing through fog on a lake.

i love fog and mist covered scenes. theyre both mysterious and sensual. great additional pics to this weeks serenity theme. enjoy!

love odie,

and odie mama.