Cloud scapes: Light in the dark

Dearest Odyssians,


We are happy to share an amazing cloudscape Photo by shanka:

Shanka, the photographer,  says:
“I am presently shooting with:
* Nikon D3000 + 18-55 VR kit lens :)
* Kenko Circular Pl (Used most of the time)
* Hoya HMC+ UV filter (It was a bad investment, really!)
* Vanguard 203 tripod.

I wish i had:

*I Just quit the pathetic day job i am doing and see the world :) ”

To see more of his amazing work, visit his Flickr site:

Odie wishes he had a camera and was a polydactyl like the mean, 6-fingered guy from ‘the princess bride’ (but not mean), so he could take amazing nature pics too. He admits he wouldn’t need a tripod because he would use me to hold the camera and take the steady shots. So I’ll have to get a tripod if we ever reach that juncture. #worthit. Here’s to hoping we do.

O and om 🐱

fly away free

love this!

love the whole feel of this pic.

odie hopes you like it too.

we are going to bed early tonight.

love o and om

ps. what happened to the decent usable free apps thru the apple store? there are plenty for my android phone. but why are even the most useless apple apps now 10$?? does anyone know whats going on? am i not looking in the right place or has apple really cut down on their offerings? its to the point where i can find a good photo effect program under 20$. and by good i mean with 5 basic filters like instagram. i dont mind that android apps have ads….

im very curious. all comments welcome.

ok. good night for real this time