Night escapes

Dearest Odyssians, 

Sleep well, despite the outcome. I know we shall soldier on for what is right and true. We must stay strong,  united ,  and dignified. . . And well rested. 

O and om 🐱. 


Silence is betrayal


my newest creation…
I must not let my creativity be silenced… Nor should you.
Love Odie and Odie mama

surreal commitment

jacek yerka is a talent that can teach us a lot about the art of persistence. when in grade school he was bullied for preferring to sit quietly alone to draw and sketch, but he ignored the taunts and continued to draw and as he got older and more skilled, he gained respect from those same schoolyard peers for his profound talent.

when yerka went to art college he faced more opposition to his particular brand of art:  his teachers pressured him to change his style to something more “modern and contemporary”. yerka, thankfully,  told them to sit and spin. He stayed with his “flemish” style of painting, using wonderful, intricate detail and surreal perspectives.  his teachers eventually recognized his talent and accepted it. they called him “troubled”, but they admired him.

now we the world can admire yerka for his fortitude as well as his talent and vision. his uncompromising commitment to his particular brand of art has helped him to create some of the most interesting work this planet has seen.


and stay commited to what works for you. for the world will always be the first to tell you to change if you are different.

yerka has much more art to share and to purchase.

please click the links to see more of what he has to offer…

and for more info on his life from wiki…

love odie and odie mama.

the hands of dan

im pleased to present sci fi surrealistic art by dan mcpharlin.  his beautiful work is complex + layered, yet instantly understandable + meaningful to the viewer.  i especially like his muted color choices, and his “effortless” rendering of details. his skilled hands give his art a symbiotic balance.. enjoy!

and happy mothers day.

land of sleeping things

*all images copyright dan mcpharlin…

to see more of dan’s incredible work visit his flickr page here. (his personal website is down..)

he also does fantastic cardboard minitatures of electronics like the moog synth machine, and he illustrates poster/cd art that i think you’ll like.

love odie,

and odie mama.

sci fi surrealistic (episode II)

hello everyone. im pleased to present killian eng surrealistic sci fi graphic illustration design art, episode deux.  again i added my own ” instant reaction” commentary. enjoy the trip.

a call to alms. all four parts of this unique series. future man at prayer. which version do you like best? which version most accurately portrays you at prayer?
killian engs magnificent imagination to the rescue of the fallen. does the wall grafitti in back call for freedom? f. r. e......
matrix manifestation. crystalline perfection. lawnmower man detection.
a showdown. or a show up? the creator versus the created? a study of power and control. luminary.
muted colors. beautifully precise lines. delicate porcelain features. inner vision. view into balance.
wonderful depiction of lights. in and out of the city. flourishing flourescence. powerfully quiet in its stillness.
linear delineation. strong color blocking. brillianteen sheen. fore and aft magnanimous.
the beginning of the end? a full moon on the horizon of mayan style pyramids. something hidden. labyrinthian. forboden.
towering mountain of refuse. angular jutting profusion. disturbed angst. precipice of danger.
the mind as a jungle. points illuminated. others dark. mysterious. densely tropical. sparse connectivity. current access allowed?
innards of a lightship. debut of space outside. the jagged bright edges of space time discontinuum.
imaginary work spaces. secret stacks and stocks of places. wheres waldo-esque color mutiny.
renaissance woman. connectivity of the future man emotion. inner urban spark.
hi-tech lo-tech. colorway staircase. encapsulated elegance. gem stone static.

granted the pictures i posted kept getting smaller and smaller.

killian eng has so much amazing stuff. this warrents a third part installment coming soon.

sci fi week continues.

love odie.

and odie mama.

sci fi surrealistic! (episode I)

killian eng is an amazing surrealistic sci-fi artist from sweden (est. 1982). he uses computer graphics to enhance his wonderful illustration and drawing skill set.  i simply love his choice of perspective, color, and light. his art is infused with  the hyperreaslitic tension, emotion, and spirituality of the future-world environment/dimension. enjoy.

hallway of the future. ominous yet irrisistably inviting.
intricate detail and colorwork. and i love the symboled border. killian definitely needs to illustrate a tarot card deck series.
this eye is a window and a doorway to the soul of some distant future. unfortunately for the guy who's hiding, that soul is embodied in a 50 ft woman.
this illustration is titled "collapse" (named after the song on an album killian illustrated). the bean bag of the future. has armrests.
the jungle. amazing detail. i love the levels and layers and colors of this illustration.
meeting your maker
masked enforcer.
fleeing man versus machine men. who's gonna win?
fall. into the future. of your own destruction.
a call to alms. one of four prayer depictions by killian eng. (more to come)
sunrise confessions. an illustration from the Caotico album. has an egyptian ark kind of feel. i like.

killian has so much good stuff. im going to post more tomorrow.

have a great sci fi kind of night.


odie mama.

and of course, odie.