Fantasy illustration art: magical dolphin duet

Dearest odyssians,


Please enjoy this magnificent dolphin fantasy illustration duo! Superb ;)
Extra Hugs to my dearest odyssians who always comment and share their thoughts with this blog! You are deeply and truly appreciated ;)
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Hugs, o

relics of the cgi driftlands (and other blog titles that no search engine will ever return)

dearest odyssians,

odie and i wanted to reach in to the fantasy landscape database in the backwaters of the matrix one last time this week. what better way to turn it out than with this pyramid pic. we pumped up the colors, hit a few other buttons in the editor, and made it a little easier to see than the original. i hope inga doesnt mind the liberties we took. actually, odie forced my hand. so lets place the blame for the resulting beauty firmly with him.

alrighty then.

goodnight. and good day.

love O & OM.