Amazing nature landscapes : blue forever

Dearest odyssians,


All were asking for is.perfect timing. Something we’ve never been blessed with before. Unless all previous dead ends were just turns leading us the right way. Wed like to think of it that way.
O and om


amazing nature landscapes: shores of time (plus a hint of odyssian wisdom)

dearest odyssians,

what does the future hold for us, dearest odyssians?
what does the future hold for us, dearest odyssians?

when i see a picture as interesting as this i cant help but think about fate, time, and the future. what do our lives have in store for us? what will we plan for ourselves + what will we leave to fate?= outcome.  i have so many questions, so little time to answer them all…But to this odie would say, “dont sweat the small stuff, human.  its good to think about the future, but you can only live in the present silly. no one controls your vertical. no one controls your horizontal. only you have the power over the full tilt spectrum of the time space continuum. remember this and forget the trivial…”

ahh, my dear odie. He always has such great advice. and hes only three years old… my little genius.

Love O & OM… throughout time and space.


theres something magical happening to me as i read this book Hyperion (dan simmons 1989). its as if  its words have entered the very essence of my soul and pulled out my heart. not only is it some of the most incredible writing ive read ever (a one two three punch of intellectual delight with its mix of sci-fi, poetry, history, and classics) its passages or synching up perfectly with the minutes and hours of my days. i whole-heartedly believe this book ahs tapped into my very own private personal line in the matrix. plugged right into my neural processor net. scanned all the zeros and ones of my universe time card.  my fate and destiny are entertwined with the reading of  its pages.. now for the proof.

perfect synchonicity example 1:

the main characters end up on a ship called Benares, (after taking a series of other ships named other things). Benares is totally foreign to me… Ive  never heard of it now have i ever seen the word before in my life.  (its a city in indian also known as Vanasi)i write Benares down on the piece of paper ive been using as a list of words/things i need to learn/explore.

now 5 minutes earlier, maybe less, i switched my phone to play chill non vocal electronic. something ive never done before;  normally I play indy electronic fringe.

a new song streams over my player. i check to see what it is. i usually never get up but i make an exception for this song because its weird/not good and i have to ban it foverever. what is this crap i wonder?  the song  it by a band called.. you guessed it.. Benares!!!

what in the holy hell i think. hand of god i think. synchronistic genius i think. and so it was.  within the first 5 minutes of me seeing this word for the first time ever in my somewhat well read life in a book ive finally picked up  after  its been on my shelf gathering dust for 10 months, the word shows up on a rare corner of my  randomly selected music player that i just started using on a genre of music i never play! now thats amazeballs.

perfect synchronicity example 2:

After several starts and stops of reading the book again today (to make time for business interactions, to spend time with a friend of mine who came to visit, and to spend time with my boss that stopped by)  i began re-reading  at a good, steady clip around 6pm. im on page 331  breezing away when  the sentence reads, “in the same instant my phone rings”..

and. it. did.

my phone rang. I shit you not. right at that moment my. phone. rang.  my phone! and its not a busy phone mind you. i field mabye 3 -6 phone calls per day on average. besides…the characters in hyperion shouldnt even have been using phones in the year 2765 a.d. but she was!!! thats pretty amazing. it was pretty so amazing!

so im convinced. its immaculate inception. this book was meant to be read by me at this exact time in my life. its like my scifi deja vue intellect complex experience. its enough to convince me that my destiny and fate lines are intact. which i feel great about.

im on the right path baby i was born to read this book this way!!


a synchronized odie mama.