amazing nature landscapes: colors of the rain

dearest odyssians,

light-and-rainplease enjoy this beautiful rainbow landscape. please enjoy all the colors that our lives contain…

“lots of different colored rums, there are momma, to enjoy and savor and indulge in!” -odie

“shh, you! if we keep mentioning rums etc in our blogs our followers will think us alcoholics. which we arent. and, i must add, i knew you were going to say this thing about the rum colors.” – odie mama

“my wisdom on the matter shall never wane.” – odie

“nor shall mine. thats what worries me.” – odie mama

“embrace your fears. drink them down whole.” – odie.

“great idea. ice? coke? or shots?”

“but not tonight. for tonight we go to bed early. as brave and sober men!” – odie

“umm. im a female princess and you are my royal protection unit, aka, eunuch.” – odie mama.

“lets not reveal that to everyone, ok!” – odie

“ok. dont worry. youre royal loyal status is safe. nobody knows. save for 700 or so people…”

“embarassing. but i can live with it if they can. goodnite mama.” – odie

“nite odie.” – odie mama


o and om.

amazing nature landscapes: solar acceptance

dearest Odyssians,

My newest phrase is a healthy admittance of my reluctant relinquishing of choice, power and made promises – to the universal whim:

• “it is what it is”

in the end does acceptance of “what it is” make it easier to work within the system? we believe so. but does odysseus?


o and om.


Beautiful nature landscapes: happy happy joy joy :*tgif

Dearest odyssians,


Tgif… May short blog entries be just as blessed as long ones. But since we cant be sure we add…

Random notes:

♡New fave fried chicken & arsenic dispenser: popeyes

♡New fave saying/quip: “… thats a distortion of your/my priorities.”

♡New fave song: wrecking ball by miley cyrus. (I make no excuses for this)

♡New fave hat: black knit with capital lettered MEOW printed on it. Hot!!!

♡New fave scarf: double looped blue striped simulation banded knit infinity- Cool/warm and cute.

♡New fave book: my own-resurrected from graveyard of unfinished dreams.

♡Newest neglect: tarot magic

♡Newest constant craving: water

♡New must have: mini bluetooth keyboard for my cell. Never shall touch screen typing give me bald spot induced aggrevation. Only 22 bucks for the price of freedom.

Hugs, o and om