Earth Wind Fire

Dearest Odyssians,


O and om 🐱


Art beautiful : lions ablaze

Dearest odyssians,


When odie is dreaming,  I bet this is what he feels he looks like – A great big firey & brave majestic lion! Hes my little warrior monkey cuddle hero, in full possession of a soft heart that doesnt telegraph his Strong core  and beautifully strange appearance. Speaking of appearances, and keeping them up – Today,  he took his washcloth bath like a champ – i Barely heard a cry of complaint from him. For this I was proud. I was also glad to not suffer the scratches of his resisting disapproval.
Alrighty then. Its bedtime again.. for those to the east and west.

O and om

fire of the valley

dearest Odyssians,

enjoying the last remnants of my lost weekend….

valley-of-fire- nevadahope your final week before holidays/vacation proves uneventful. no fires to extinguish at work. no fires to ignite in your personal life.. that way its just smooth sailing right thru into the few precious weeks alone when you can regroup and refocus. so many things i need to set up to ensure long term success and happiness. 20 days at bat in order to line that up will be a blessing..

i hope you all find time for the most important things in your life that work often seems to steal from us!

we are at the home stretch odyssians!

love odie & odie mama….