Grace under fire

Dearest Odyssians,

To all who have looked in, commented, shared, and supported this blog, thank you. You are my grace under fire. You are my everything.


Can’t wait to share more to you..


Ethereal Nature photos: butterfly dreams

Dearest Odyssians,


Wishing all of you sweet, ethereal, blush pink butterfly dreams :)

O and om 🐱

Photo credit : poppy thomas-hill
To see more of her amazing nature pics pls visit her website:

amazing nature photography: secret gardens :)

dearest odyssians,

we are pleased to present odie grandmas amazing nature photos. she took these over the course of the summer and into fall, and we just wanted to share her work and let everyone know how proud we are of her!!! she just started taking photo lessons this summer and has already progressed to an astonishing level/capacity of artistry and skill.

grasp beetle landscape via eyesofodysseus

any faves?? wed love to hear your thoughts.


o and om

& odie grandma

Beautiful nature landscapes: happy happy joy joy :*tgif

Dearest odyssians,


Tgif… May short blog entries be just as blessed as long ones. But since we cant be sure we add…

Random notes:

♡New fave fried chicken & arsenic dispenser: popeyes

♡New fave saying/quip: “… thats a distortion of your/my priorities.”

♡New fave song: wrecking ball by miley cyrus. (I make no excuses for this)

♡New fave hat: black knit with capital lettered MEOW printed on it. Hot!!!

♡New fave scarf: double looped blue striped simulation banded knit infinity- Cool/warm and cute.

♡New fave book: my own-resurrected from graveyard of unfinished dreams.

♡Newest neglect: tarot magic

♡Newest constant craving: water

♡New must have: mini bluetooth keyboard for my cell. Never shall touch screen typing give me bald spot induced aggrevation. Only 22 bucks for the price of freedom.

Hugs, o and om