beautiful moon art: full moon reflection over water

dearest odyssians,

the full moon is upon us. and the universe has moved into amazing positions once again to herald the day of our birth which first occurred many revolutions around our sun and many waxing and waning moons ago.

we are always happy at this time. and i think that speaks to our general positive nature that lies beneath the inquisitive, anxious, thoughtful, musing, sometimes sad disposition of who we are. if youve been with us awhile on this blog, and many of you have, you have seen all sides of us. the sides the odie sees. this is why we created the blog. in order to share all of this sides. and to share them always while recognizing an underlying happiness.

hugs, and hugs again. for one hug is not enough considering the portents of this beautiful,  blessed evening.

happy to share another season and year and turning of the celestials with you,


O and OM


beautiful unique nature landscapes: moon phase phantastic

dearest odyssians,

the phases of our beautiful moon.over water. enjoy.

goodnight dear odyssians, goodnight. dont let the howling spirits bite…