Picture quotes: kitty says, “Be Yourself”

Dearest Odyssians,

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. - Oscar wilde

Happy Friday my friends –  two/four legged, finned and gilled,  fur, scaled, or barely there haired.

O and om 🐱 🐰 🐼 🐻 🐯 🐨 🐠


movie mashup!

odie’s tired of watching new movies that claim to be “something unseen” but are just rehashes and mishmashes of old films, eg;  “remake part VII”. so he’s come up with his own exciting mashup of titles that he would make for the big screen. enjoy!

swimming with scissors.

An award winning independent film that will have you crying from laughter when the abused protagonists stand up and take charge of their once pathetic lives. a poignant witty work whose brilliance is due wholly to the skilled script writing and unique directing of ryan murphy.  a sundance and tribeca film festival favorite. editors note: this film is not the be confused with last year’s “running man with scissors”, a  film produced by and starring arnold shwartznegger. avoid that one at all costs. its an eye gouging mess of plot holes, terrible special effects, wooden dialogue, bad music, and ill fitting jumpsuits. dont say odie didnt warn you…

breakfast at ridgemont high. (The prequel to “Fast times at Tiffany’s”)

These two newly discovered, never released films are by the late john hughes. both were recently found in his secret film vault, painstakingly restored, and edited for release as a double feature. a wonderful cinematic journey into  the highschool nostalgia years of the 80s. plot: a group of teenagers from opposite spectrums of the highschool strata are forced to face the realities of their pasts when love comes calling in the cafeteria during suspension. phoebe cates is a knock out as the most popular girl of the weekend beer parties.but does she have a darker secret? find out in this John huges 80’s classic inspired by the 50s that every fan of his movies needs to see.

the girl with the dragon pearl tattoo earring.

A complicated torture murder love story about a painter and his secret love for a lesbian, techno-savvy murdering muse.  based on the worlds (most boring in odie’s opinion) ny times best selling novel. any fan of the dutch-swedish original should see this american remake.

joe versus aliens.

Who needs predators for heart pounding emotionally rich action when you have flesh rending blood-for-acid, hg geiger art directed aliens chasing you in space?  not this film! ridley scott directs this sci-fi blow-em-up, blast-em-to-hell, and talk them into rational submission masterpiece outer-space adventure starring tom hanks in his most unique role to date. plot: an astronaut on a one way mission to the volanic planet venus learns to fight for his life when aliens invade his ship. a love story.  and the perfect film for r. scott to return to his alien franshise with.

scent of a pretty woman

Her smile. her laugh.  her tears! julia roberts bursts on to the big screen and lights it up all the way as america’s sweetheart hooker with a heart of gold. the plot follows her as she comes in off the streets and helps unsuspecting visitors at the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel regain their humanity, and compassion after its discovered her magical “essence” can heal the blind and the unfortunate, one of whom is played by an amazingly refreshing al pacino. he makes an oscar worthy turn  as an irrascibly successful business man who wears only armani suits and needs love to rekindle the kindness long buried in his frozen heart.

behind the green mile.

Michael Clarke Duncan explores his inner sexuality after hes wrongly accused of murder and trapped in a harsh prison environment…this film is a truly is a terrifying/disturbing graphic experience of gargantuan proportions. despite its pornographic nature odie still calls it a must watch for those interested in the how the sex habits of prison life can tranform its prejudiced guards for the better. dont let the nc17 rating keep you from this great film. the pshychological twists and contortions of the performers alone are enough to warrent this for the oscar and the AFV nominations in 2013.

an american psycho in paris.

Far better than its classic counterpart “an american werewolf in london”. an intellectually dark and disturbing film focusing on strong dialogue and character analysis, and wity exchanges. woodly allens best film in years. shot exclusively at night and in the rainy throughfares of paris. plot overview: a nyc based screenwriter decides to work on his first novel in paris and loses grasp of his sanity as his wife and family annoy him to no end. (this is not like the shining however).  he then imagines himself murdering a cast of historically famous art characters when he somehow travels back to Paris in the 1920’s. well written, beautifully shot, and charmingly detailed.  a cannes film palm d’or, and academy award nominee that i think was this years best film.

i hope you enjoyed odies future film ideas. hopefully theyll get made. or variations of them.


odie + odie mama.