Hairless cat pics: Odysseus in summer

Dearest Odyssians,


Odies enjoying this summer tremendously.  Not too hot to sit in an open window and watch the suburban wilderness pass by outside. He also likes that mommy’s always home and chained to her laptop to finish her first book. He gets snuggles  and kisses whenever he wants with her around all the time.
Hugs to all of you,
O and om.
(with more pics to come)


dear odyssians, felt like i needed to post something to lighten the mood. especially between the crush of work, art, writing, and trying to cuddle with Odie. i work to many hours to be a good mother to him right now and that’s even more disturbing than my outreach of time to concentrate on my creative dreams. that being said…


may your days be filled with cheer. and happier than mine are now. and Mary my future days be happier as well.
o and om