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O and om. 


Amazing nature landscapes: a place called hope

Dearest odyssians,


We hope you enjoy this highly interesting scifi illustration. A)it looks real.  B)what’s the guy or gal or alien doing in the pic? C)the name of the art is “planet of hope”. Why do you suppose? D&E) based on the name, How far is it from Earth? Is there bacardi silver there?
“Personally,  id settle for gold.  It is outer space, if you hadnt noticed.”-odie
“Hardly the case, oh wise sphynx.  That’s precisely why they better stock double and pay us triple.  Ain’t nobody got time for that (gold rum). And they best let us wash it all back with some real genuine American style Coca Cola. Or mutiny!!”-odiemama
“You still wouldnt go,  would you?” -odie
“Not an icecubes chance in hell. Aka : nope, never, no way” -odiemama.
“You’ve proven your worth as my human guardian once more. You have permission to Hold me “-odie
“No problem. “-odiemama

Nite folks,
Hugs,o & om


Dearest odyssians,


Though I know the world will not end tomorrow perhaps there will be a shift none to pleasant for human domination express that’s railroading our planet. What would this shift look and feel like?

I have no premonitions… Just different ideas. And possible titles:

The matrix unzipped
How I met your maker
battlefield earth..oh, that was a real title of a movie..

Anyhow. Its far to late to be up. To late to think of more titles. Goodnight. And I hope to see you tomorrow.

♡ o and om