amazing landscape art: (what beauty looks like when) frozen forever

dearest odyssians,

im just loving this sci fi esq ice age landscape that we found in the matrix…

speaking of sci fi… im compiling a list of seminal sci fi films  that ill present soon. no time for this tonite as the list will be well thought out, funny as hell, and will blow away any competition lists like shwarznggrs shotgun in T2. the weary must rest. mommas super tired…

oh. but one quick question first. is tonite’s pic real or simulated?.. weve asked this before and the answer was that it was simulated. aka art…. and i think you guys were right. so heres us seeking your opinion on another pic that we had trouble decided exactly what it was. you odyssians are so good at this… **


o and om.

** the rum drinking pirate twins are sober and think this is a beautiful fake…we mean work of art.


beautiful unique landscapes: real(ms of) dreams

dearest odyssians,

is this the dream?
or is this the dream? Or are both..

it looks like the dead of winter has broken; spring has really hit, and with it a kind of energizing movement that is propelling all sorts of positive actions. im also getting a full 8 hours of sleep and that puts odie mama right where she needs to be. happy land. not cold. not tired. just rested and cozy. who said odie and i arent like twins? happier when in comfort, needing more sleep than the average man/bear (but not cat), and bald/hair laden in all the right places.this week has been shaping up rather positively. hell, hope im not jumping the gun and saying that too early, its only tuesday after all. but the rest of the days this week are lined up with a lot of full creative activities that should ensure positive results.

speaking of sleep and sleeping and dreaming: i must love to dream as much as i do because my spirit is so free in the dream world. to me dreaming is just as important as being awake. so many interesting adventures are tackled in dreamland. so many emotions and scenarios are safely explored in that realm too. i reckon my soul is closer to the ether of the unseen when im  in the land of nod. no earthly distractions to derail pure consciousness while you are at the other end of the matrix. isnt this opposite end of what we wakingly recognize as reality, the place where all souls go in their truest/post mortem state? Odie says yes. He had to read that awkward sentence a couple of times to.get it, but he did say yes.

even my zaniest dreams, like the one where i was battling 3 tremendous great whites from a small step bridge in san fran while washing my suitcase/travel clothes barehanded in the bay’s water and skillfully avoided having my limbs torn off by those sharks with timed hand movements, even that dream must have relevance in this part of the matrix, right??. i admit that i dont  have any friggin idea what that relevance could be, nor does odie,  but you dont have full tilt full color full action dreams like that just because you didnt drink enough water at bedtime. or do you?

tonights big question:

which is the realm of dreams and what is the realm of reality.  that waking illusion or the sleeping dream? who’s to say that we havent confused the two? who’s to say both realms are not fantastical surreal matrix mind tricks to keep us busy until we have shed this mortal coil. what does it mean to be mortal?

ok.. im rambling. and typing while in full recline with half closed eyes is making for quite a strange blog tonite. heres to hoping its legible and makes some sense..

love O & his dream buddy, OM

the art of drowning.

photo credit : Gregory Colbert, artist, storyteller, photographer who also created ‘Ashes & Snow’ .

this is a personal post. im a little overwhelmed right now. im nowhere near water but i feel like im… my world isnt ending persay. im just stressed beyond consolation: heres the background story. ive always been a huge fish enthusiast. building and maintaining natural fish tanks is my hobby. at one time i had four tanks in my bedroom, much to my parents delight. that was a few years ago in my younger years…im still as passionate about my fish but now i only have one tank. (its nyc after all and room is limited). and that one prized  tank of mine is on the fritz.  i think everyone/all my fish might die if i dont fix the problem soon. thats problem one. problem 2. i havent figured out whats wrong yet exactly with the tanks eco system, as in is it water or disease thats killing my swimmer friends) but im just trying to raise ph to normal, raise O2 levels, and reduce disease… without killing the fish in the process. too much medicine kills the patient. and my patients cant talk…. i hope i can save everyone thats left… (2 have died already). and so the pics ive put up tonight represent my water based problem sure my pets are fish, but they can drown in a way. and because of that i feel like im drowning… ill keep everyone posted… hopefully i can turn it around. wish us luck… love, odie (who has no idea whats going on) and odie mama (who also has no idea whats going on but is trying her darndest to fix whatever it is) and my fish.

swimming with nice sharks



i found this drawing on a wallpaper site and fell in love with its uniqueness and strangeness. i like the feeling of the illustration. it bears a sort of wonderment and enchantment about it. a curiosity.

if only we could all swim with sharks so readily.  we might understand them better. like shark boy here.

as a land mammal i guess its interesting to note that ive always had an affinity for the seafaring sharks. its a respect for a lifeform that has roamed earths waters as an effective and necessary predator for hundreds of millions of years.  the sharks sharp rows of neverending teeth and powerful jaws that lead to its neverending bottomless black pit of a stomach, the pit of death and no return,  also helped cement this reverent impression in my mind.

in third grade i went through my shark phase. that was after my snake phase and before my lizard phase. ( im proud to say my lizard phase lasted many years and overlapped my vampire, witch, ghost, and serial killer phases).

i devoured books on the gigantic fish with a shark-like verocity. I bit off whole chunks of info on their habitats and hunting habits, their different fin sizes, different markings and  different shaped teeth. how they had live babies like you and me. how they had to keep swimming to survive. how they migrated the oceans in mysterious patterns. how we didnt know that much about them after all. (mating, full life habits, etc)

I gobbled up pictures of them swimming, eating, and of course dying. theres was always a pic of a shark landed on a ship with a  hook still in its paralyzed mouth , flayed open alive so its stomach contents could spill on the deck  and be photographed like a disected circus. a shark was a mobile living treasure trove of mankinds oceanbound trash; license plates old tires shoes plastic bottles. etc.

there were also pics of human shark victims. huge bite marks in legs, abdomens and arms. and pics of the surviving amputees. and their stories. this is waht most people remember about the shark.. the horror and fear. the death of a human.

the movie jaws did the shark no favors. even shark week on discovery channel, a program thats supposed to help promote human understanding and compassion for the overhunted species,  devoted most of its tiger shark program to the theme of sharks as human predators. these films only serve to feed humankinds bloodlust to hunt and kill these animals.  they give another excuse to “hook and cook”; to catch, kill and cut the fins off  a creature thats sometimes 10 -15 years old for cheap soup. to throw the magnificent creatures whole back into the oceans. we are the masters of the universe when it comes to waste and wasting.

i dont expect to see us swimming among a non frenzied group of sharks like anime shark boy here. but i do hope that the shark survives our reign of __________ on this planet. fill in the blank as you see fit.

i hope the shark remains to maintain the delicate balance of the ocean now underun with fish and sharks, and overrun with acid and jellyfish.


odie and odie mama.