Talk positive!

Dearest Odyssians,


N. B. Odie loves to inspire humans through feline wisdom. To inspire his dearest Odyssians he’s taken thoughtful quotes and given them a cat’s spin.


Hugs and love,
O and om 🐱


Unique nature landscapes: beyond the beyond

Dearest odyssians,


There is something awaiting us, beyond the expected beyond. Beyond what little we know of time space gravity reality. it will forever be unknown to most in the now and sadly only recognized by few in the future. Who are The few?  those with open eyes, and willing sight… Neither being based in physical delight…
to a few of those few, such sights may be revealed in the present.
Are you among the few that will have true sight.
If so, when?

♡ o and om

lone figure landscapes: a new dawn

dearest odyssians,

peripheral perspectives are important.
peripheral perspectives are important.

as the clock wound down 2012 i was overcome by an odd feeling. it was as if a new year wasnt dawning upon me at all. I felt nothing cataclysmic in my soul, just a sense of a seamless flow of energy between the 12 on our calendars,  and the 13 that will replace it. I will testify that I was markedly sober and had all my wits about me all the way; my  calm impression about the evening is legit.

I must say my perception was in contrast to previous years where i felt a distinct break as midnight struck. Was it the blaring kazoos, eye gouging flashing lights, fall inducing streamers/confetti that blinded and bedazzled that created the schism? We cant ignore previous years’ edgy nerves inducing countdown of  “10, 9, 8 , 7…” by a roaring, drunken crowd to highlight the new year as a definitive split in the matrix.

I was glad for my calm ushering in of 2013. I felt as if i’d matured in my world perspective enough to see the passage of time from a wiser standpoint… ebb and flow. not stop and go.

My one regret in an otherwise fantastic evening (it was calm but by no mean boring);  my lamb tiger kitten dragon baby pookie monster cuddle monkey Odie was not by my side. He’s not bar-trained yet and only prefers sipping top shelf whiskey with exactly zero cubes of ice in the coziest  home environs. I could not oblige him this. he still loves me, thank fully.

and thats a wrap!

goodnight my dearest ones. I hope your eve proved eve-ntful :)