amazing nature landscapes: ethereal uluru

dearest odyssians,

uluru pic via eyesofodysseus

another wondrous site to behold. thanks planet earth!


o and om

but before we officially sign off for the evening, did i mention that i got super long nails done/glued on at the salon as a kind of spring time awakening thing. well they are hard as hell to type in. i wonder how odie does it? :) As his faithful owner and official “keeper of the well trimmed claw” ( i dutifully clip his lil demon claws every couple of week – i would never declaw a cat!) i must say that he really owes me one for keeping his nails at a nice length for the keyboard. if it weren’t for me how would he be able to do the copy editing and the spellchecking.

oh thats right…

hugs again,

o and om



Amazing black and white photography: mixed emotions

Dearest odyssians,


Its all a bit mixed up, this game of life. High and low. Dark and light. Confusion abound. Escalators for the mind body and soul.
Our journey requires us to board rolling, narrow tracks of stairs, that bring us dangerously close to ripping off our limbs and end abruptly with steel gnashing teeth that churn anyone still afoot into chum. you must jump at just the right moment so as to end up on steady land, and not in the jaws of the metal devil himself. Its A jarring experience for me everytime, no matter how many times ive take the trip. When movement must be made, risk must be had.
Odie wants to know which of you is Ready to Enjoy the ride.
O and om