Picture quotes : Puppy love is blind

Dearest Odyssians,


Hope this made you laugh a little.
Odie says we all need a co-signer in our lives. I agree. :)
The faithful support of another is a powerful boone, and should Not to be underestimated. Or scoffed at. Rarely has anyone of us gotten where we need to go alone.

O and om.


Quodies : we don’t do mornings – and neither should you.

Dearest Odyssians,


when the hammers started pounding away at the house being rehabbed next door at 8 am,  Odie said exactly what we (and Garfield cat)  were thinking.  We don’t do mornings.  Afternoons are so much better.

Odie thinks the day should start at twelve pm and end at 4 am.  I agree. I trained him that way. Now if only we could get the construction crew on board.

To artist and cat schedules everywhere, O and om.

amazing nature landscapes: one with everything

dearest odyssians,

one with everything

one should always make sure to take time out to be one with nature, and nature alone.

its quiet brings us truth**

and balance.

also, the title of this blog reminds me of a funny joke.

Q:what did Buddha say to the hotdog vendor?

A: make me one with everything.

haha!! odie told me that one.  kid safe and cat friendly.

love O & OM

*[then run home,  turn on the tv, talk to your fam/roomate/s, call a friend on the phone-just for the sake of talking, play your five favorite dance songs – loud, write some emails, update your blog,  and get active on your cell phone..]