amazing nature landscapes: on the horizon

dearest odyssians,

hello all. heres a nice ocean pic. looks like its pretty warm out there in this photo. a lot warmer than o and om are here in chi town. right now its a balmy negative 15. that aint a typo. odie thinks this weather is worth drinking a gallon of rum over.and blacking out for 4 weeks. and waking up when it gets above freezing. like the end of april.  i agree. but weve abstained from making a pirates night of it all for reasons that.. actually for no particular reason whatsoever. and were not even sure why that is. we could have really blown a rum soaked hole right through the middle of this deep freeze depression the midwest has succumbed to- the depression thats taken us right along with it. but alas. we’ve remained head squarely on shoulders. and aren’t faring too badly for it.

 if you’re in the upper part of the lower  48  we hope you are enjoying the polar vortex with us and  that all this chilled joy its bringing you breathless memories that you haven’t you’ll never forget – if you’ve refused to drink them into oblivion. you’ll certainly have them for the next 60 years. i think thats a real possibility considering how truly cold and snowy its been.

have a great one.


o and om