Quodies: lightning inspiration

Dearest Odyssians,


Embrace the night and shine.
Hugs to all of you artists burning the midnight oil.

O and om


amazing nature landscapes: ethereal uluru

dearest odyssians,

uluru pic via eyesofodysseus

another wondrous site to behold. thanks planet earth!


o and om

but before we officially sign off for the evening, did i mention that i got super long nails done/glued on at the salon as a kind of spring time awakening thing. well they are hard as hell to type in. i wonder how odie does it? :) As his faithful owner and official “keeper of the well trimmed claw” ( i dutifully clip his lil demon claws every couple of week – i would never declaw a cat!) i must say that he really owes me one for keeping his nails at a nice length for the keyboard. if it weren’t for me how would he be able to do the copy editing and the spellchecking.

oh thats right…

hugs again,

o and om


nature lightning gifs: electric blue magic strikes desert beauty sky thrice!

dearest odyssians,

hugs and hugs to all of you!

and remember,

sometimes lightning strikes thrice.. but least of all when you expect it. so grab a pen and paper computer sketchpad cellphone and write/draw/craft/script/scribble/doodle/tap/finger/ type it down as soon as it does. you will always be happy you did. its all about capturing the muse as sson as she visits.

-o and om

unique lightning desert landscapes: apricot burnt orange salmon coral tangerine lightning (maybe even some yellow snuck in)

dearest odyssians,

tangerine peach apricot salmon burnt orange coral lightningour journey continues. in much the zig zag manner. odie and i are not sure where we’ve sailed to just yet this last week, but maybe when we hit shore well find out where the time went. have a feeling that by the time we do hit shore, tail first,  theyll tell us that time isnt real. theyre already telling us taht. so heres my final sign off statement. by the time odie and i hit shore, tail first, as planned, we will have realized that time, as they always said it was, is irrelevant. and the only thing that matters is matter itself.

i think i made my very own “clever” right there.

ooops. now odie say, “no… youre wrong. for it is not matter that matters, but energy.?”

good place to stop is right here. in the matrix. all five walls intact.

good night odyssians. sleep well. we hope you rise refreshed  in the morning to face the matrix anew.

hugs and hugs,

o and his faithful transcriber, om.

Volcano lightning landscapes: meanwhile in Japan..

Dearest odyssians,


just a boring saturday night here..meanwhile in Japan…
(Odies not sure when this is from. And I have to admit I have no idea either. And then we both have to admit we love that Phenomenon known by its street name: “volcanic thunder lightning”. a real corneal dazzler. Enjoy.

♡ o and om