Black and white photography: line up

Dearest Odyssians,


Lining up my ducks in a row.
My phone made a great funny typo with the word ducks.
I won’t put it back to what it was but you can guess.
O and om.


Amazing landscape photography: beautiful impasse

Dearest odyssians,

im·passeˈimˌpas, imˈpas
noun1. a situation in which no progress is possible, esp. because of disagreement; a deadlock. “the current political impasse”
synonyms:deadlock, deadend, stalemate, standoff


How do these 2 reconnect?
O and om

amazing nature landscapes: shoreline spectacular

dearest odyssians,

shoreline spectacular

well mercury is in retrograde.. and the blogger gods would rather hide out somewhere watching universal house fraus of europa than inspire us to create a massively interesting blog. we wonder when theyll be back. looks like odie’s even taking the night off, and hes usually our best motivator/ass kicker to write on despite all. hes sleeping downstairs right now. made up his chair bed so cozy and swaddlin down there that he didnt even follow me upstairs to sleep in his odie mama bed tonight. i cant really call it my bed since i have to share it with him 50/50. he knowns how the throw his nine pounds around and get what he wants in the arena of sleeps and dreams. makes sure that he sleeps right in the middle of the bed, right at the part where it is almost impossible for me to sleep without having to curl myself around where he’s set up camp. we kind of look like a smiley emoticon with one eye. odysseus always knew how to bring out the best in the cyclops..

anyways. despite being a mattress real estate hog, hes also ok with me getting up two times in the mid of the night to go to the bathroom. though i do my best not to wake him, i still have to give him credit; you can’t fault any bedmate that is that laid back about such frequent disturbances. which leads me to wonder why no ones invented some kind of convenient bed  and bathroom  combo attachment so i dont have to bother getting out to bed in the middle of the night to take care of nature. name of the gadget?  (non invasive catheter sounds so.. )  i guess they would call it bed bath and beneath? the sleeper pee-per?  i cant think of a really catchy triumvirate comedy word that would fill in for beyond, so if any of you odyssians can think of one, please deposit it in the comments section.

gotta run. gotta sleep. gotta wake up. go to bathroom. then go back to sleep. then wake up again. go to bathroom. then go back to sleep. then wake up. then go to bathroom. then start me day. :)

love o and om.