Interesting nature illustration art landscapes: magic hands

Dearest odyssians,


The magic is in my hands.

“So what are you waiting for mama?” -odie

“Well I uhh” -me

“You know what you need to do. So do it!” -odie

“Yeah. Ok. Im scared…yeah. I said it. Out loud.” -me

“Arent we all? – Odie

*”Fear, my dear, is how I bind you. And all others. ” -the darkness

“I shall not succumb?” -me

“You shall not. If you can say it with confidence.” -odie

“I shall not succumb. To my fears.” – me

“Remember your pledge.” -odie

“I will” – me

Pen is in hand….

9/o and om

Moon shine

Dearest odyssians,


The light of the moon holds transformative powers that befix* the human being in mysterious ways, as observed here. (another cool landscape created by om &f.
Night night from under the moon light.
*odie created this word apparently, because i couldn’t find it in the dictionary, yet i know what it means…. or is it really a word afterall?

♡ o and om