amazing planet photos: the inner beauties

dearest odyssians,

the inner planets

arent they magically beautiful?

mars earth mercury** venus… the inner beauties of our extremely small corner of this grand universe.

hope everyone is doing well and you’re feeling all lined up for this week.

**mercury is the smallest beauty.


o & om

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amazing planetary landscapes: mercury rising!

dearest odyssians,

This weeks headlines werent (thankfully) all about sewage sloshing down cabin walls and “steamers” dutifully tucked away in red plastic bags on a seastuck cruise ship. (why that made the top of the news on every site – driven by number of clicks no doubt- odie and i have no idea. we missed the human interest element when we heard there was a human excrement interest). other hot-button issues: “bladerunner” shooting his girlfriend. (tragic to the max); and the butt implants that did a 360 with a little hand help. ugh.

In more palatable/strange/happy to be alive news, space took the forefront. The moon tonight looked stunning. it hung low and had a red tinge to it. no anatomy jokes please.then there was The crazy exploding  asteroid in russia that was, well, explosive, and deadly :(   Considering how many perished from that small asteroid we should all be grateful that one hell of an asteroid with an interesting greek? name missed us. how many thought that when they said it skipped contact by 15 minutes they really meant 15 miles.. if the end is coming we all know theyll never tell us. fully informed or not, we survived!

Finally,  and most beautifully, the planet Mercury became more photogenic than ever. behold.. compliments of nasa and its spacecraft Messenger.

mercury side a

mercury b sidethanks nasa for the coolest planet photos ever. now to clarify, this is how the photos were rendered..

The images were created using a mosaic of pictures from Nasa’s messenger spacecraft, which were then combined to create a video ‘flyby’ of the planet

Read more:

love the blue and orange tints they added. gives the planet such an ethereal beauty.

love O & OM.

O is already sleeping peacefully. i will follow suit shortly. havent really slept great in the past three days. perhaps undercurrents of excitement about never having to go back to my job of the last six months have been keeping me awake?  either way, i will sleep well tonight. as will Odie. hes cuddled inside my winter jacket. he loves it there. perfect blend of downy, structural, light, and sealed shelter…. he knows a good thing when he sits on it.