Quodies : we don’t do mornings – and neither should you.

Dearest Odyssians,


when the hammers started pounding away at the house being rehabbed next door at 8 am,  Odie said exactly what we (and Garfield cat)  were thinking.  We don’t do mornings.  Afternoons are so much better.

Odie thinks the day should start at twelve pm and end at 4 am.  I agree. I trained him that way. Now if only we could get the construction crew on board.

To artist and cat schedules everywhere, O and om.

waking and sleeping

dear odyssians,


this is me in the mornings (now that i have a real 9-5)… afro, ugg boots…and…. faceplant. this cartoon actually looks like me too! there just needs to be a picture of a cat on the bed meowing for food and snuggles at 6am. ahhh. the joys of getting up early for work.

hoping you get a full 8 hours of sleep no matter what time you rise in the morn.

love odie and odie mama.