Beautiful animal illustrations : furry scrumptious

Dearest Odyssians,


Cute enough not to eat!!
Hugs, O and om.


amazing beautiful animal pictures: owl versus mouse

dearest odyssians,

odie loves this moment. “the moment before”

odie loves the look the owls incredible golden eyes. pure hunter happiness!

dinner is served. (dont worry odyssians, this mouse died quick.)

hoping you all saw the beauty and the stealth of this amazing photo more so than you felt sadness at the mouses demise. the cycle of life continues… as a cat Odie says he can appreciate the stealth of these incredible hunters even more than i can. Im just  his slow moving human mom.  and im ok with that… ill leave the dreams of being the worlds best mouser to him and him alone :)

what incredible pictures!!! for more info on the photographer and how he captures this shots visit this link

owl vs mouse pics by tom samuelson


O & OM