amazing nature landscapes: long time no sea :)

dearest odyssians,

wonderful evening @ colorful seahello all. long time no sea. get it? ha ha….

so here she is.a pic of a beautiful evening setting over our great body (of water). isn’t sea lovely. wow. I’m just so punny tonight!!!!

odie and i haven’t been blogging as often as we used to, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love all of you just as much as we always have. and thats a ton!! it really just means that we’ve hit the wordpress 2. 5 year alumni mark, and the desire to do a daily blog has waned considerably. a lot of long time bloggers (5 yrs, etc)are making big $$ for their daily efforts. i don’t mean to give them short shrift, but certainly the clink of cash at the end of the internet matrix rainbow is but one thing that has them scurrying to the keys without hesitation – the hesitation that free bloggers feel.  our blog has always been unadulteratedly free. whatever that means – sounds convincing all the same.

“lets just announce it now. clear the air. settle scores. draw lines in the sand of the proverbial matrix.  everyone reading, fyi, we’ve made not 1/100th of a physical nickel from our associations in the wordpress matrix.” – odie

“but we are rich in all other things because of the blog; intellectually rich and spiritually rich. our connex with word pressers is invaluable.” – odie mama.

“ummm. yeah. how bout this? show me the money.” – odie

“you’re leaving some real unimpressive turds of sentiment in our wordpress toilet tonight. what will the bloggers think of us if we start talking about our work here in monetary terms?” – odie mama.

“frankly i wasn’t too concerned.”


“what? hard work should be rewarded. with money.  i have needs you know, and up to this point i don’t think I’ve  asked for anything”.-odie

“because its always provided dear.” odie mama.

“no. its not. like why not hook me up with that new king kong monolith sized scratching post? or that 300$ climbing tree/sleeper unit, and i really want the high tech triple size auto clean litter pan that just dropped at petsmart. though i do love watching you bend to clean my crap everyday, ill make adjustments for that baby! the setback on all that is like $500 large. We could squeeze that from a blog like this in a day.”

“has grammy been giving you too much catnip?  you’re way out of your lane. And your concept of money is deluded at best. OK fine. heres how you have to think of it little kitty. if we could charge mental money for the sheer joy that blogging brings we’d feel like cerebral mega millionaires wouldn’t we? people like our photos and read our inane conversations. and smile. for free. that thought alone should be enough.”-  odie mama.

“not even close. last jackpot was 400 million. in american USD. greenbacks. deniro.  in god we trust. you reading me?” – odie.

“Di-ne-ro. Not deniro. Good actor though.”- odie mama

” thank you soooo much for that correction. Hey mensa member! Were still broke. Why not wisdom up some riches?” – odie

“sweetheart, your fangs are showing. and your pockets aren’t. because you don’t have any!”- odie mama.

“thats a low blow. and i do have one pocket. should we recap where it is for our audience?” – odie

“no. we aren’t going back to that convo. stop fussing and come here and let me hold you. let me look you dead in your sweet golden eyes and say i don’t understand this new, menacing avarice of yours. a few blog entries ago we did have an unfortunate discussion about where you’d been hiding your dime; all of your hard earned savings. now you want me to turn our feel good fun time blog into a money machine?  if it did work, where would you keep your share of the profits?” – odie mama

“for 400  million, lets just say we could both afford a few more discreet hiding places. even if we have to rent them from other people. heck. even other cats” – odie

“I’m changing subjects because the gutters my mind just sank into are unmentionable. lets remember our friendships from wordpress are indispensable. valuable. rich mentally and cerebrally. and theres no way to turn a profit from posting nature photos and conversations with my cat, no matter how much of a genius i think you are.” odie mama.

“i think you’re wrong. not about me being a genius and the brains of this outfit, but about this blog of ours not turning a profit. this blog is great. its funny. its weird. its entertaining. you need to pick up that cell phone, call a few advertisers and get this thing going. do a morning news segment to showcase our spot. pass out cards. post flyers. offer free nuzzle free hugs with me. you know how much people would pay to hold a hairless cat?  if you set it up ill do the talking and reluctantly the hugging. bring some sanitizers and ill make do.  we could easily have a 400 mill. operating budget in 5 yrs. ill even split it with you 50/50 though its my ideas that’ll make it happen. 400 mill. mama!! just think of the amount of cat treats and … what something you humans always need hmm… ? tampons and toilet paper… thats like  billions of cat treats and tampons  and toilet paper you could buy for that money.” – odie

“you think our blogs gonna turn 400 million? i love you odie, but youre nuts. in a cute and cuddly way. also, if we made that kind of dough, i wouldn’t be buying ass paper, i assure u. how bout this idea. and its all mine so ill take all the credit for our sanity. we stick to photos. we post as often or as infrequently as we like, no pressure. and you can keep your hugs all for me. For compromise lets also both keep our healthy dream of 400 elusive million dollars.” – odie mama

“that reminds me. did you play the lotto by the way? i would do it but… well why state the obvious.” – odie

“good point my cat. let me just roll over to 7 eleven and drop some dollars on that impossible dream.” – odie mama.

“your best ideas are always mine.” – odie.


hope you are all well and are looking forward to a new season with aries as our reigning sign. let spring and the opportunity for new things bless all of us wonderfully.


o and om


amazing nature landscapes: run free (and keep those savings hidden)

dearest odyssians,

Amazing Nature Wallpaper via eyesofodysseushere we sit again. odie and odiemama. enthralled that the passing of time can happen so quickly with so little ado. no fanfare. no blaring trumpets. no bells or whistles. just serenity, albeit on the outskirts of our singularity. our feet and hands be still, but our minds still race and run with the idea of making all anew. changing ourselves. to change the word. schemes and dreams. visions and decisions. locations and vocations.

odie, “run free. like horsey. yes.”

odie mama, “Yes odie. your boiled-down-to-the-bones directive shall be followed. hopefully by us, the stagnant ones. but before we can go out to play in the daisies, theres just the bit about your leash training,you getting those updated brain damage inducing immunizations, you adding on that all important rabies shot, and the discussions about avoiding the poisonous sweet pea plant growing just outside the back door. if you eat it, you die.”

odie, “Eve survived.”

odie mama, “She did? and at what cost, i ask?”

odie, “Thats the grand question. who might be able to answer?  how bout you mama dearest? i see you standing there. all hairless except for choice places. all proud and lanky on those 2 skinny legs of yours. everything hidden beneath modest coverings. to hide your born in shame no doubt. me. im just here. 4 legs. still naked. and not minding a minute of it except for the cold. shouldnt you be able to answer this question more than i. you sure look more like her than me?”

odiemama- “you see a lot, Doctor. But are you strong enough to point that high-powered perception at yourself?”

odie, “loved that movie..”

odie. “i did too. now pay attention will ya? you yourself are hairy in only choice regions. youre thin as a whisper. bandy could be your nickname. even your tail, though handsome, is no bigger than the common rat’s – thin enough to be counted as non existent by most breeding standards.  just an f.y.i. –  my tails remnants sit at the end of my spine. also, ive put many a cute sweater on you – not to hide your shame (you’re too bold to have any) but to keep you warm just as i like to be kept. so here we sit face to face. both a bit like eve before the apple. hairless. tailless for all intents and purposes. magnificently equal in many ways, except in humor which we already agree i excel at.  Im able to walk on 2 legs without begging and can wipe my ass of my own accord, but that doesnt mean i have the answers to those tricky questions any more than you. i wish one of us did. we would be worth a lot of money to the other uprighters and fully tailed fur covered cats scurrying around this place.”

odie, “your skills of sophistry (aka deception) shall serve us well all the same. might even make us rich.”

odiemama. “true. if we ever find a paying profession. nonetheless, i still cant answer the grand question.”

odie, “nor can i, i rightly admit. so who does know?”

odie mama, “Depends which side we ask i suppose.”

odie, “i say flip a coin madame. for the jokes always been on us and id like to see what either side has to say about that fact.”

odiemama, “youre a clever bastard, arent you!”

odie, “the finest bred. here. use this dime ive been saving for the last couple of years. i was waiting for just the right moment. i think  now  is the prime occasion, dont you?”

odie mama, “One whole 10 cent piece. for such a grand question. well arent you the little spend all gentleman!”

odie, “If you see any pockets on this body of mine let me know and ill pull out a John kennedy. sheesh. humans.”

odie mama, “I was kidding, sort of.  though i shouldnt joke. you’re being more than generous and that small coin shall suffice.

odie,”It better. do you have any idea where ive been hiding that piece for the last 3 years? well ill tell you.  ive been hiding it in none other than my…”

odie mama, “woah buddy. some secrets need not be revealed. even on this insightful eyeopener of a blog. you know we have a staggeringly large audience now that numbers above 700 patrons. cant go telling everybody.”

odie, “thats awesome. about the numbers. but your point is?”

odiemama, “do you really want your little secret revealed to that many people”

odie, “well not everyone knows what im talking about all the time. im subtle. so without further ado here it goes. Have you seen “Papillion?”

odiemama, “oh my. yes. yes i have.”

odie, ” see thats all i was going to say. our initiates will know what it means.”

odie mama, “thats what im afraid of. im gonna go wash my hands now. and grab a clean quarter for this coin flip. just out of respect. if you dont mind.”

odie, “i dont mind at all. when youre done with my savings id appreciate it back? its good to clean it every once in a while before you put it back in its hiding place. which now ill have to change.”

odiemama. “umm. yeah. good thinking.”

odie, “see you on the flip side. ha.”


o and om

Amazing nature landscapes: glacial supreme

Dearest odyssians,


Still glacial cold in chicago.  Hugs from the deep freeze meat locker of the midwest. In 5 days perhaps things will be on the up and up.
May you all remain cozy amd warm, but never too hot. And may all your greatest dreams come true.
Hugs amd namaste,
O amd om

Unique nature landscapes: beyond the beyond

Dearest odyssians,


There is something awaiting us, beyond the expected beyond. Beyond what little we know of time space gravity reality. it will forever be unknown to most in the now and sadly only recognized by few in the future. Who are The few?  those with open eyes, and willing sight… Neither being based in physical delight…
to a few of those few, such sights may be revealed in the present.
Are you among the few that will have true sight.
If so, when?

♡ o and om