Nature photos as art: corridors in the blind of the woods

Dearest odyssians,

Version 2
4. Ghostly

5. Skys ablaze

6. Our fave.

7. A new take on b and w.

Eight, the great.

..notice that mysterious thing at the end of the corridor?  At first I thought it was figure. Odie took 1 quick look and assured me it wasnt .. upon closer inspection, i confirmed that he was correct.  But what it is Is still poetic. And to both of us Speaks volumes. …

Do u see it?

Extra credit :Which version(s) did you like best?
Xtra xtra: Why do I Keep blogging from my touchscreen cellphone? Arghhhhhhh. Typos, caca, auto correct, etc. A nightmare I tell you!
Tonites tmi: Also, this wp app is a steaming turd for android. Will Never upload my pics the proper way. Only put up 3 originally. Its 2013 wordpress people… get it together. After all, you have 1, i repeat 1, job to do.******* Do it!

In conclusion: **the mysterious thing was a utility pole. Poetic irony..Living trees leading to the one dead tree… carved by humans in such a way it resembles a still living tree. But sonehow reminded me of a lone human figure. Spooky.
Hugs,.o and om

introspective nature landscapes:pioneer road

dearest odyssians,


lifes journey can at times seem.a long and winding road. and sometimes it if we are taking this.journey alone. and sometimes that will be true.
stay strong in the face of pioneering challenges!

♡ o and om