Bird landscapes: silhouetted lines & reflections on life

Dearest Odyssians,


For Linda Litebeing, on behalf of her beloved Dex, who recently passed:

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

We are sorry for your loss and hope you will be comforted at this time. He will be remembered.

O and om

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amazing cloud landscapes: what dreams must come

dearest odyssians,


i can only think of how happy an experience it would be to dance among the stars, basking in the freedom of dreams… oh how i do look forward to my upcoming days of sleeping in, regaining my youthful appearance, reducing the hallows beneath my eyes, and refreshing my soul. perhaps my will to write shall return to me as well. ive sacrificed much of the energy and spirit i need to write so that i could start an art company and complete my tour of duty at the office. now my penance has been served, the hardest portions of founding the art company fulfilled. and i am free once more.

odie will be very happy to have me home at last..

may you have a wonderful evening. may you enjoy what dreams my come to you this evening.

love O & OM


Winter landscapes: deep quiet.freeze


A deep freeze of intolerable but necessary proportions has enveloped the land. My fingers burn with cold as I write this.from Americas poorly functioning transportatiom system. May you odyssians avoid such an experience today. And be well!


♡ o and om