greener. and bluer.

greener pastures….

and kinder waters….

hopefully my 3 little fish that passed away find themselves with both; greener pastures and cooler, fresher waters in their next incarnations…you will be missed!

love odie and odie mama.

p.s. i saved the rest of my fish. so im finally relieved…

for any fish enthusiasts.. adding a little baking soda to your tank is a great way to raise the pH. be careful not to add too much. pH should only changed by .5 in any 24 hour period. make sure to have an accurate pH testing kit on hand to monitor any pH changes.




the art of drowning.

photo credit : Gregory Colbert, artist, storyteller, photographer who also created ‘Ashes & Snow’ .

this is a personal post. im a little overwhelmed right now. im nowhere near water but i feel like im… my world isnt ending persay. im just stressed beyond consolation: heres the background story. ive always been a huge fish enthusiast. building and maintaining natural fish tanks is my hobby. at one time i had four tanks in my bedroom, much to my parents delight. that was a few years ago in my younger years…im still as passionate about my fish but now i only have one tank. (its nyc after all and room is limited). and that one prized  tank of mine is on the fritz.  i think everyone/all my fish might die if i dont fix the problem soon. thats problem one. problem 2. i havent figured out whats wrong yet exactly with the tanks eco system, as in is it water or disease thats killing my swimmer friends) but im just trying to raise ph to normal, raise O2 levels, and reduce disease… without killing the fish in the process. too much medicine kills the patient. and my patients cant talk…. i hope i can save everyone thats left… (2 have died already). and so the pics ive put up tonight represent my water based problem sure my pets are fish, but they can drown in a way. and because of that i feel like im drowning… ill keep everyone posted… hopefully i can turn it around. wish us luck… love, odie (who has no idea whats going on) and odie mama (who also has no idea whats going on but is trying her darndest to fix whatever it is) and my fish.

let it flow

by steven stahlberg.

i wanted to keep this post quite simple and free, just like this pic ive included tonight  but, odie being  greatly admiring of the art-creator bond, couldn’t resist squeezing in a few details about the talented cg artist ive featured here:

his name is

steven hagg stahlberg.

has a nice resonance to it..dont you think? and so does his art. a mix of cg illustration sci fi realism and the surreal all wrapped up into one big  package of feminine sensuality.

heres a link to stahlberg’s bio/career.

interesting trivia fact: s. stahlberg created the first virtual lady woman model (as opposed to any other kind of model) that was signed to a real contract with Elite models. her name was Webbie Tookay. i guess thats a play on Web 2k..

she hit the scene in 1999, but seems to have disappeared soon after due to real world limitations. so if youre ever at a bar and youre asked who the first signed virtual model was, you now know her name. and it isnt s1mone. (great movie btw)

also heres a site that links to stahlberg’s work. its quite racy so i havent included more of it here. hes definitely working the cg sci fi fantasy babe theme, but his work is stunning, cracks and racks aside.

i hope you enjoyed this post and it reminded you that the feeling of freedom can sometimes be gained by doing something as simple as letting your hair down (men included) and going outside…and finding a swing? odie recommends wearing pants though… there could be a slight breeze if you know what he means. kitty winks.

love odie and odie mama.