surreal landscapes: cotton candy clouded mountains



dear Odyssians,

While in line at the deli for my morning breakfast bagel I got a long glance at the meat selection and  realized that  hairless cat Odie is the exact same color as roast ham; a fleshy plump light pink. a warm healthy rose,  a 4 legged  cushion of sweet cotton candy confection loveliness. except odies covered with fuzz. and has long ears and a long tail. and you cant eat him. but  he can give you snuggles and kisses. and cuddles at your feet at night. and insists on being held until your arms get tired. He also insists sleeping under a warm blanket at night even in summer. just like his mama.

So after watching american triumphs in diving and swimming and beach volleyball, and the unfortunate meltdown in mens gynastics, Odie guided me to the apricots, and blushes, and peach colored  pics on the matrix and we picked this nature landscape to share with you. sure we pumped up these wondrously pink mountain clouds for blogging effect. But only a little bit! we hope you like it.


love Odie (dragon lamb tiger monkey cuddle baby) and Odie mama (proud loving caretaking blogger human mamma mama).